Imagine how you would feel to be on the hunt for real estate.  You find that perfect listing.  That Home, which has everything you have been looking for, which is also priced right, is for sale.  It is active on the Multiple Listing Service - You have contacted your lender, just to make sure that your payment at that purchase price, is what you remembered.

You then do a quick Great Schools Inquiry - the schools in the neighborhood have great reviews.  You run Megans Law - No registered sex offenders within 10 miles.  Call Local Law Enforcement - only a Domestic incident here and there - but nothing else is going on "crime wise" in the neighborhood.

Heck - for anything to be better in the world, we would have national holidays for Rainbows, Unicorns and Cotton-Candy...  You are Locked on Target as a F-16's Laser Guided Targeting system.

You call your agent - the agent call's the listing agent, the listing agent says that that property has sold.  WTF???