I get asked this question so frequently by the other "initiated" real estate agents, I often think to myself, "If I had a nickel..."

Linking to real estate websitesIf you are a real estate agent that has told themselves that "blogging is for dummies", you may want to think again.  Google, Bing and Yahoo talk about "Content" being king in their blogs and forums.

We have watched as other real estate agents hire the "link building" companies and blog article "generators", and they constantly miss the mark.  It truly is about you writing your own content.  If you write your own content and have a service that will publish something "new" for you to post up on your blog, that's great.  But the bottom line is posting constantly without delay.  

The only way to beat the Link Farming that other's do in your local network is by adding topics of value to your personal blog.  You don't have a Blog?  Contact me and I will walk you through how to get started for Nothing.  I am not in the "blog building" business.  However, I have done my own Blog Installs and have listened to hundreds of hours of Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization pod casts and videos.

BTW - the Link Thing I mentioned - that was attacked in one of Google's most recent updates.  In fact, I watched another real estate agent's website that was not about "content" but was a HUGE link farm, fall by the wayside very recently.

There is a simple reason that I would play it forward with my competition.  You are not my competition if you are not inside of my current market and radial comfort zone.  You are a "referral" resource :-)

We will be in contact soon if you simply reach out and text or call me.  BE Safe and we hope that you will take us up on our offer to help you build your Real Estate web presence.