Did you get that thing I sent you? - I don't know if you ever watch adult swim - but sometimes, when working DUI watch, it was playing in the holding cells at the jail.  Enough about that - apparently it calmed the inmates - who'd of thought.

We have completed a couple of podcasts on this Saturday - one of which when a Home Inspector cancelles - what can happen?Top Listing Agents use publications

The reasons to hire a home inspector - why you'd want to hire a home inspector when buying new housing?

Here is a short recap of our Santa Clarita real estate radio show:

  • Daily radio show and podcast about Santa Clarita real estate
  • It's plugged into every system we have about real estate
  • If you want to get the shows every day - just type in the word - daily - into the macBoX
  • Past shows as well about SCV real estate
  • Dates and episode numbers - we have changed out thought process
  • Early this AM - in real estate, when you buy a home - you want to have the home inspected
  • You want to hire a home inspector - ask your real estate agent
  • Which home inspector is best - you want someone that is going to be very critical
  • You are paying that fee - you need to know what you are buying
  • Anything you are financing over 30 years needs to be checked out
  • Supposed to be at a home inspection at 0800 - there are other things that come up
  • Buyer was a good family friend - it was his son that was referred to us
  • We are honored when family refers us to family - the highest accolade

Be safe - we hope you enjoy the show - let us know when you need our help.