I do a lot of self reflection. "How can I make this real estate experience better for our clients?" "How can I improve our results for our real estate sellers?" "How can I make best use of our clients feedback and apply it in the best way possible?"

When working at the Police Academy, I often wonder how the BEST of the BEST became that way. I have deduced the following things that seem to differentiate the "Improvers" and those happy with the "status quo".

The Improvers: They are always self reflecting. They are more interested in the pleasure of others than themselves. Improvers are always improving. Improving both themselves, those in their circle of influence and others that can not offer them anything in the way of monetary compensation. They have figured out that their success depends on the success of others.

The Status Quo-ers: Always feeling sorry for themselves. Wondering constantly "Why Me". They are also quick to judge others. These were the kids in school that always were attempting to look at your work so they would not have to figure it out for themselves. They are looking for that "Get Rich Quick scheme". Their Success always depends on themselves - nothing more.

Both of these examples are prevalent in most businesses in this country. Real Estate is not excluded. Neither were those Men and Women with whom I served on a Full Time Basis with the LAPD and as I now serve with as a Reserve Officer.

Breaking out: Real Estate and providing the BEST Real Estate services for our clientele is a daily effort. Always reading, learning, applying and focusing. Re-adjusting and embracing change. Looking to our clients to provide feedback and not ignoring it because it may be too painful to bear.

I am positive more real estate agents are getting to this stage with their businesses. With the "thinning of the flock" amongst real estate agents, if the agents don't change their "Status Quo" tactics, they are going to be a part of the team that gets cut from the lineup.

Be Safe - thanks for reading. What do you think the successful tenants of a True Sales Professional are? How do you like to be sold to, or do you?