Everything in real estate, sooner or later, comes down to price. How much is the property going to be best priced at and how much is it worth?  Price.  However, Price does start earlier than most may consider.

When a home seller calls a real estate agent, at this exact point, some "price" has been considered.  Before the agent knows about the home, even the address, the seller has a price in mind.

It may be too high, it may be too low, and it could be just right.

Some agents may head into the sellers listing with the intention of buying it.  Not buying, as in financing or paying cash for the sellers home.  Buying it like giving a Higher than Expected price to list it at in order to kill other agent's chances of the seller listing it with them.Top Big League Real estate players in Santa Clarita Valley

That's called "Buying a Listing".  It is a strategy that has been around since, immediately after, the beginning of time.

The BEST way to price real estate is by the "real and actual" numbers when it comes to the "target home".

The break down should be apples to apples in comparisons - 6 months and less.  Plus or minus 250 square feet - keeping the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms spot on matches, and giving some weight to lot size versus usability.

If the homes are built by the same builder - then that makes the comparisons much easier.  If the target property and the ones that have closed in the past 6 months have the same upgrades and are improved in the same manner - that is also a plus and makes the agent's job of showing the client "true value" much easier.

Ask the agent giving you the CMA - or Comparative Market Analysis, where they derived their numbers from.  Was it from the Actual Boards of Realtors and can they show the real values with dates and verification data?  Or was it from some type of on line real estate pricing service that may be skewed with regard to it's results in order to influence a buying or selling decision?

It's the hard questions that will have you identify the right and BEST Santa Clarita real estate agent for the job of selling your home.

How is their reputation, where can you find them online and what are they writing about? Do some googling and you will see what I'm talking about.  Be Safe and let us know when you are ready for our help with your SCV Real Estate needs.