Santa Clarita real estate daily showLOL, I don't know what anyone else is reading, but I will share with you what we read on a daily basis.

I remember when I was growing up my dad had a daily ritual of the newspaper.  Mom brought him his coffee, and it was my job to bring him the newspaper from outside.

I did not like it when the newspaper person was lazy and did not plastic bag the paper, come to think...  

Anyway, I would bring it inside the house, and dad would read and speak aloud, making comments along the way.

Looking back, it was quite funny.  He loved the newspaper.  It could be held in his hands, he could ruffle the pages, he could shake it when he read something he did not agree with, he could turn back the pages and forward the pages easily, quicky.  He could even cut out an article if he felt it was meaningful enough.

Today - the news stories are mostly published and shared on-line.  It does not smell the same as using a newspaper, but it is what things have become.

We use an RSS - Really Simple Syndication - Reader to read our daily news.  I have this uploading with current news and articles within my iPad and my iPhone.  Paris has it coming to her Android... (opposites attract right :) )

RSS - It's like a newspaper on your computer that only has the stuff you want to read inside.  It comes to you when articles are published from the sources you like.  You can read them, email them, share them on FaceBook, Twitter, Google + or other Social Media.

The below news resources are what we read on a daily basis, build our radio shows from, record our Santa Clarita real estate video updates with, etc....

Being plugged in is a true asset for a Realtor in the Santa Clarita Valley. It's almost like we have "Spidey Sense", when it comes to educating our sellers and buyers as to where the current real estate market is...  Be safe and do yourselves a favor, Hire the BEST Santa Clarita real estate agent you can find!!!

Breaking and Daily Real Estate News:

Altos Research

Clarus market metrics
SRAR - Southland Regional Association of Realtors - Daily Listings
Foreclosure real estate listings Realty Trac
Insider Real Estate News
National Association of Realtors
real estate - money and company LA Times
real estate - Southern California real estate, homes, houses
real estate - The Orange County Register
real estate news home prices, mortgages and loan calculators
real estate news, latest construction, mortgage and housing market
Real Estate News - Topix
Real Estate - Hot Property - LA times
Real Estate - Los Angeles Daily News
Realtor Magazine - Real Estate tips, trends data and more
Realty Times - Real Estate News and advice featuring local market news

Santa Clarita Blogs:

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The West Ranch Beacon - News and commentary for the Santa Clarita Valley.

SEO - Marketing our Sellers Listings Better:

WPcandy - Breaking Wordpress
ChrisBrogan dot com
Diverse Solutions Blog
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