You could say that one of the things that really chaps my hide is deceit. When we bought our first home, the way we were deceived was the catalyst for us becoming licensed real estate agents. It totally made sense and today, it makes sense to our clients too. Read more about the reason we became Realtors

We had a "client interview" taking place yesterday at REMAX of Santa Clarita. The interview process is as much for our Clients as it is for us. We want to make sure we all "Gel" and fit together in the best possible way. Crash course on Real Estate

During the meeting, other names in real estate came up. The first couple of agents that were mentioned, I responded, "Great agents.." Our conversation continued and included some very pointed questions by me, "What kind of view do you want to have out of your Kitchen Window? - Is it important what direction your home is facing with regard to the rising or setting sun?"

Exploratory questions such as these really get to the bottom of a clients wants and needs. When a Seasoned real estate professional can embrace those needs, digest them and apply them, the client ends up getting what they want.

As the conversation came to a close, another name was mentioned. I looked back at "Now a Paris Client", blank. He said, "Well, what do you think?" I explained as to my blank look, "My mother taught me not to say anything, if I had nothing good to say.."

He got it and continued to tell me how this agent sold him a home without disclosing that there were Mello Roos and Special Assessments. It was a New Construction Home. He said,"I pay an extra $10,000.00 a year on my Valencia Home, Can you believe it??" I must have had a dumbfounded look on my face... He said, "All three were in it together, there was a two month waiting list, the new home rep's told me to call this agent, I did and was in escrow within a week..."

I thought to myself, "Yep, you were duped, no doubt, but he had no way of knowing. That is until the Supplemental Tax Bill arrived..."

Our meeting was concluded, I think he felt better for me allowing him to vent.

A couple of points. Ask your agent directly if there are any mello roos or special assessments. Have them send you a Title Report. They should be able to do this remotely. They should have access to the Title System via their Title Professional.

Then, have your agent pull the Tax Rolls. There will be small(*) next to the "assessments / mello roos" those fee's that are not part of the "typical 1.25% for Los Angeles County".

Agreed - Every Single Agent should always be looking out for their clients, unfortunately some fall short, as in this agent's case. I do know one thing for sure, "I'd hate to have someone walking this Earth that felt as passionately about seeing his past agent fail..."