During the past 20 years, this item rears its ugly head from time to time. Where you have a real estate buyer that is working with their agent wanting to view a home that is for sale.

After the calls have been made, the agent is scratching their head at the complexity of getting a simple showing scheduled.

The buyer has an open calendar. They are off for the next three days. They want to view the home alone with their agent. They don't want to have a public showing like at an open house. They are serious and approved real estate buyers and want to view this home because it seems to fit the bill on all fronts. The last front is to view it in person before making the seller an offer to buy it.

Some sellers are not informed as to how important showings can be. People are not at a place, at least yet, where they are going to spend 1/2 a million dollars without viewing a home in person. In fact, I cannot imagine that ever being a thing, buying real estate from viewing photographs only, I don't think that will happen. Real Estate is so complicated, to do it without a trusted advisor to just explain the typical 41 disclosures that go along with a simple purchase, that is insane.

But, be those things as they may be, some agents don't express the importance of showings, even if they inconvenience the home seller. There may never be another time to show it. The agent may not be able to show it again, their buyers may not be available except for the time they want to view the home, showing time frames can be a tightrope walk at times. That is why I know if someone is going to the trouble of looking at a home in person with their agent, they are serious. The agent has already had the client pre-approved for a home loan, the home buyer wants to buy and they want to view the listings they are interested in when their schedule allows.

Open House excuse for not allowing a showing

But, I call, the agent says that the home is not going to be shown until Monday of next week, after the open house that is scheduled for all day Saturday and all day Sunday. The listing entered the MLS, multiple listing services, Wednesday at 12 pm.

So, from Wednesday at 12 pm, the first allowed showing will take place at an Open House - Saturday from 12 pm to 4 pm and again Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm. The open house will have the listing agent present, who is on the seller's side of the real estate equation.

There will be many home buyers, those with agents and those with agents who are absent and other home buyers that are qualified and ones that are not qualified. There will be tire kicker buyers and buyers that were only driving by. There will be visitors to the open house who aren't buying or even thinking of buying a home, they just want to see how the Joneses are living.

Other visitors are going to be the neighbors being nosey. They want to see how these people, whom they did not really get to know, were living. What have they done to their home and what changes had they made while they had been living there?

Some of the visitors to the open house are those who are intent to steal from the seller. They are going to distract the agent by building up their qualifications and desire to purchase real estate, while the agent's eyes are glossed over with a film of greed, the other criminal is going to rifle through the closets behind the clothing, in the drawers and within the medicine cabinets looking for items to steal.

I'd bet that not a single home buyer, that is going to want to buy that exact home will come through, connect with the open house agent and write an offer during that open house. In fact, odds are very much on my side pertaining to this scenario not playing out.

However, the agent, the one hosting the open house, they will have new leads, they may be even be stealing taking new clients from agents who were already working for those specific buyers. Of course, this is not the fault of the real estate agent. Many home buyers go out during a weekend while they are working with another agent to view open houses. Some clients don't see the value in being loyal, it happens and mostly to the client's detriment.

The good agents will have educated their clients on the importance of having their own agent. Not the seller's agent. The dual agency thing is coming to an end and is already illegal in several states and in Canada. Each side has its own agent. The seller with theirs and the home buyer with theirs. Neither agents are the same on both ends of the home buying/selling transaction.

Home "being prepared" excuse for not showing a home

The home is being made ready for showing. This is a bit easier to understand. There are no showings before by anyone at any time until the home is available to be viewed. This scenario comes about when a listing enters the market midweek, the seller has a few things to tidy up, maybe like carpet and paint, first showings to be held Monday of the coming week.

First Showings - a very important statement. Keeps the playing field fair and agent to agent it's a good faith statement. That is what attracts other agents to want to show this seller's listing. When the agents are playing fair and not trying to use tricks and rouses to sell their seller's homes.

There are rules in place for obtaining real estate listings contracts and the time frame in which the home needs to be entered into the MLS. So hence, this not always a strategy for the listing agent to get new leads and increase their home buyer or home seller database.

Sick people here excuse for not allowing showings

People get sick, some folks have medical conditions and showings of homes cause stress on those individuals. That is the reason why these comments need to be put in the confidential remarks section of the MLS so the other agents understand that the seller wants the showings to happen as often as possible, it'll just not be as easy as with a home that is vacant.

When a home enters the Multiple Listing Service for sale, showings are expected to happen. These showings are scheduled in a lot of ways. The confidential remarks section, which is outside of public view, but is able to be seen by the agents, is critical and should be used to keep all parties informed so the seller keeps their best advantage.

How do showings get scheduled

I am a big fan of the new-fashioned way. Before text messaging, a phone call to the listing agent is how listings were scheduled. The listing agent then would call their seller (if owner occupied) and get clearance for the showing to take place.

With text messaging, a text message is sent to either the seller (I don't like my seller's personal information being displayed publically - or even on the MLS in the confidential remarks section) or the seller's agent to have the showing approved.

I would then forward the text message to the home seller that has employed me to sell their home. Once I get the green light, I confirm with the buyer's agent that their showing has been approved, quoting the time and date. This also makes it easier for me to contact the agent to get feedback on my sellers listing.

The Board of Realtors, in their infinite wisdom, has paid throughout dues for an automated showing service called ShowingTime. This is a service that agents can use for their sellers in order to have showings coordinated.

There is a conversation that has to take place between the agent to the agent before a home is shown. When showing time is used, this "conversation" does not take place. There would be an extra step required and that step is for the agent to call the seller's agent to see if any offers are in the process, any offers have been received, etc..

Without this step, this would be the scenario that could happen, as I have had this happen to me when I was a new agent - over 20 years ago.

I don't call or I don't have confirmation with the listing agent. I show the home anyway and after I show it I get the silent treatment from my home buyers. The "silent treatment" means I said something horrible, or they are seriously considering buying the home I just showed them. "I don't say horrible things", so it must be the latter.

Meeting with REMAX Gateway in my REMAX offices

It's at that time because I could not get into touch with the seller's agent before, I make contact. I tell the agent that my buyers want me to write an offer and they tell me that they are opening escrow in the morning. They had counter out with three offers and one of those offers stepped up to the plate, executed same and the seller signed off. That's it folks, a done deal. Of course, I request my clients offer to be held in back up position, but how does that make me look? Not too good I can assure you.

So hence my reasons why I update my clients and write articles about the real estate issues that are most prevalent in the Santa Clarita real estate world.

I will tell you that all of these updates and conversations about real estate and homes can be conveyed to you by HousingRadio.com - which is our local Santa Clarita real estate radio station. I have been producing radio and podcast content for over 12 years. In the not so recent past, this has become easier for me to do. I have seen as my real estate clients have become more woke related to housing, real estate, loans, and lending.

The thing that I talk to housing and real estate buyers about is loans and lending. Some agent neglect this part of their presentation when speaking with new home buyers. I will tell you that when I am covering our client's bases, I make sure that this part of the process is upheld. You are paying a lender to get you a loan. You are paying that lender's fee. You are paying for other items as well. We love our clients to know what they are paying and why. We also want our clients to know that they are getting their very best deal when it comes to all fee's.

Something else comes this way - That is going to be the crash course on Santa Clarita real estate itself. When we get into the first part of homes and real estate, we always discuss the various types of real estate listings that most people are looking for. Like foreclosures and bank owned real estate for sale. We also discuss short sales and short pays. What does that mean in the current market how close to being realistic are those homes priced for? What are the changes that will happen in the current housing market and how will those "things" change the game for current in the market home buyers.

I have been selling real estate since 1998 and I have been looking for the right platform from which to speak. Where I can give my housing clients and others the right information for the time being. The information that matches the "right way" to do things.

When you are ready, I will be here for you as I have been for so many real estate clients. During the past several seasons, we have seen dramatic changes in the housing market. There are websites that will steal your personal and private information to other agents in the real estate business. I'm Connor, if you want to do business with me, just reach out by calling my cell phone 661.400.1720.