What is a short sale?  A question brought to us by Sam, one of ourSanta Clarita real estate blogreaders.  Welcome to our Santa Clarita RealtorShort Sale agents in Santa ClaritaQuestions and Answers for everything that is real estate.  We do our question by answering with our self hosted video platform.  You can also find our Paris911 Team with SCV moves on YouTube.

Short Sales are when the owner of a property has some sort of life changing event.  It may be that they can no longer make the payments on their home due to the three d's - Death, Divorce, or Disease.  That are also job loss and other economic strife's that could have entered their picture.  No matter what the reason,they are now, going to have the bank approached, by their real estate agent, to allow them to sell the home for less than the amount owed.This takes a bit of finesse by the real estate agent you are working with.  It cannot be like releasing a "bull in a China closet".  It takes a lot more tact than that.

Remember, as we always talk about - work with local experts. Make sure your real estate agent is not just a self proclaimed short sale expert.  Make sure they have a track record of performing short sales at a Higher than average Success Rate.Thanks for watching, if you thought this was done right - please go to YouTube and give us some accolades...  We can be found on SCVMoves on YouTube.