buying a home in Santa ClaritaTalk about a Loaded question.  Today's buyers are much more Tech Savvy than ever before.  Most Buyers, over 87%, are starting their real estate inquires on-line.  That is Real Estate's Number 1 reason you want to hire a Real estate agent or team that knows their way around the various "Real Estate on the Internet advertising models".

You will also want to make sure they are giving you the facts as they relate to the "How people are searching for real estate" in  your specific city.

"If the Santa Clarita Real Estate agents don't know how Buyers are Searching for Real Estate in the Santa Clarita Valley - they are doing their sellers a huge disservice..." - Paris MacIvor

What are buyers looking for in today’s real estate market? Quite simply, a bargain. The thing to remember is that bargains come in all shapes and sizes and if you are selling your home you have to focus on what makes your home a bargain, or more importantly, how you can make your home appear like a bargain. Another important thing to remember is that a bargain is more than just price.

When a home buyer walks into a home he looks at what that home has to offer. Finishes that immediately capture a buyer’s attention include the kitchen, bathrooms, and flooring choices. While you certainly do not need to do a complete remodel of your home in order to sell it, to capture the best possible price for your home these items should appear their best.

If you are considering a remodel you certainly should examine the cost-effectiveness of replacing shag carpet with hardwood flooring, replacing a laminate counter top with granite, concrete, or other “in” surface, and re-tiling a bathroom or two. Consider the resale value when making any changes to your home.

Take a good look at your home, does it have what you would be looking for if you were looking to buy? It’s a competitive market, being realistic on what your home has to offer can only give you an edge on the competition.

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