One of the terms that exists within Real Estate Circles is the term "Pocket Listing(s)". These are typically homes that are going to be on the "market for sale". Those homes are not "officially" listed and the only access point is the "well connected" real estate agent.

When I tell our clients about being able to view listings before the hit the market, the giddiness starts. There is a bit of excitement that builds when a client realizes that their chosen professional is totally "plugged in".

It all comes down to the "I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine" philosophy. In real estate, the very industry itself is built on relationships. When we have listings that other agents want for their buyers, we give those whom we are connected with a pre-marketing glimpse. There is a Quid Pro Quo that occurs as a result of our pre marketing efforts with those agents that the strongest members of our Real Estate network.

Besides that, the BEST real estate agents, find themselves being indoctrinated into groups. These "networking groups" are paramount for a Realtor's Client's Long term success. We have several groups that we are members of where we are able to pitch our clients needs and gain access to the "pocket listings".

Check with your real estate professional. Make sure they are plugged in within the local real estate circles. See if they routinely have listings that other agents want for their clients. That may be your key to getting what you want in any Real Estate market.

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