The most interesting thing about Real Estate is the amount of "Mis- information" that has been continually growing  on the Internet.  However, you don't have to limit your search to the internet to find bad intel related to real estate.Santa Clarita home searchClick to view all of the New Houses available in Southern California.If you venture into a New housing tract, you may find out thatthe representatives are not being as up front with you "at first glance". As of the date of this post, barring anything changing, all of the New Housing tracts and New construction sites have mello roos.  Walk into some of the new home centers, they are not going to give you that intel in the first few minutes.

It will be a while if at all.  According to some of our most recent clients.  "They did not tell us that there were over $6K a year in mello roos tax!"That makes me sad but reemphasizes my position as always stating that you need your own real estate represtative at any of the new housing and new construction home sites.

The same applies to buying a re-sale home. There are many areas that have Mello Roos and Assessments in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  Make sure your real estate professional gives you the "Rest of the Story".