The primary thing that all home buyers need to be scared of is misinformation pertaining to homes and real estate. This is spread by many that you'd suspect and some entities that you would not expect.

This special Halloween edition of the Santa Clarita real estate radio show and podcast has given some insight into what person that is contemplating buying a home should look to make the best decisions possible.

Of course, being scared is natural. No one wants to make a wrong decision. I have always been a fan of continuing to move forward even after I have made a bad decision. Learn from it and move on. The problem with a bad decision in real estate is the fact it usually does not cost you a few dollars. A bad decision in real estate typically equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars of distension.

"What can I tell you, I have already told you more than I heard", as Zig Ziglar was famous in saying. The role of a good Santa Clarita real estate agent is to be an informative guide. One that has the knowledge and experience to convey all of the information to the home buyer. Then being by the side of the home buyer while they make their decisions related to buying real estate. Proper preparation is critical to the success of a real estate and home buyer.

Today's real estate broadcast pertains to the process a home buyer that is searching online may experience and from sources, they do not expect to have bad intel spewed from.

Real Estate Syndication

With real estate syndication websites, those like Zillow and Trulia, which are under the same ownership if memory serves, are those who take real estate listings that belong to various real estate brokerages and publish them on their platform.

Most of the local Boards of Realtors prohibit them from doing this at the Multiple Listing Service Level.

The real estate syndication websites then go directly to the source, the local Brokers, whose agents have taken those listings from people that wish for them to sell their homes and real estate.

The real estate syndication companies have then built a better mousetrap. Their websites are pretty, direct and seem to give updated real estate listings for all 50 states.

When they started, most agents thought they'd fail. They then started to generate real estate leads in the form of buyer and seller information. Those people that wanted to search for a home were using their websites to do so. Those people who were thinking of selling their homes were using their websites to get what their home was worth.

The home buyers that were asking questions, the potential home sellers that were asking for additional information were both having their personal and private information sold to agents.

Yes, as you have probably deduced, they are selling the leads from the real estate listings back to the agents who procured them in the first place.

And that business model is massive money for the real estate syndication websites.

Content is king with online real estate

Another stellar idea was to have real estate agents build the content for those websites.

But, how do you do this? How would a real estate syndication website be able to have agents, willing or unwillingly build content for them to their websites could rise to the top of the real estate search engines?

Blogging - It and real estate go hand in hand due to the ease in which a real estate agent can disseminate information. Some real estate agents have their own, others were sold on using a real estate syndication websites blog as their own.

It was brilliant. It was like hiring tens of thousands of real estate professionals, knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals, agents, Realtors, and Brokers to write content for someone else's website.

Then watch as that website makes the climb to the top of the SERP's - Search Engine Results Pages.

Besides writing content, the Q and A - Questions and Answers is big business. Of course, another syndication website had to be different with a different strategy, so they opened a forum of sorts. This Q and A platform was a place where a prospective home buyer, renter, landlord or home seller could ask questions and have those questions answered by real estate agents.

Personally, I take those questions and answer them on my SCVnest website because I know how I answer and my motivation to do so. My motivation is to be the Realtor for those who are asking, not to re-sell their personal and private information to agents in an attempt to monetize it.

I'm a Local Realtor, I am in business because I'm driving around home buyers, showing them homes and real estate, answering questions, being a shrewd negotiator and being their confidant and representative when it comes to them buying homes and real estate.

There is a lot of bad intel out there within the online spaces. The recent post where I received the fodder for my rant on our local Santa Clarita real estate radio show was from a posting from a fellow REMAX agent who made an entry on Instagram. My advice to the local agents and those who are writing content and answering questions on Social media and on the real estate syndication websites, don't mislead people into buying real estate or selling real estate.

Best Local Santa Clarita real estate resources

As a home buyer, you are probably already familiar with the real estate syndication websites. They are plentiful and do their best at occupying the top of the search engine results pages.

If you were to look a little deeper, you will find some of the local real estate websites are trumping their efforts to give the best real estate information and other real estate services. Services in real estate like consulting and real estate representation. Being a top negotiator in the Santa Clarita real estate gives me insight as to the best ways to start the approach to buying real estate. Working hand in hand with the local real estate and home buyers has been a true Blessing to our local Santa Clarita real estate business.

Having said that, I can only vouch for our online resources. Me, myself and I, plus my partner Paris MacIvor, we are those who are skeptical of online information that is being conveyed, even that information that rises to the top of the Google Local Places and within the SERP's.

Here is what I know about - It's my website. It's a WordPress site. It's quasi-custom in nature but templated. The servers are very robust and have an extremely small incidence of downtime. It's responsive to be used on any device or platform so the users don't need to download an app, which is an entirely different story related to how evasive that can be for a home buyer and or home seller.

I have to be a licensed Realtor in order to publish the real estate listings for sale. On a personal level, I have met some real estate agents who send their home buyers and sellers to Zillow to see what listings are for sale. When they do this they are risking their clients getting bad information and risking their relationship built on trust. Those agents should really have their own website to send their clients to for home searches, information and to see what their homes are worth.

I digress. I know that I'm a member of the National Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors and the Southland Regional Association of Realtors and have to maintain memberships at all three and be in Good Standing. If I commit violations of law, ethics or in other ways frowned on by the Board of Realtors, I can lose my license and my ability to represent home buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Syndication Websites - are not.

I know for a fact that SCVnest obtains it's real estate data from the Multiple Listing Service. The actual and real MLS. In order to have my real estate listing and buyer website to update every several minutes with the new housing listings, I have to maintain those memberships at the Boards of Realtors and remain in good standing.

The data comes in from various multiple listing services from across all of Southern California. If you are looking in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles Areas, you will see the current real estate listings for sale within those So. Cal. Cities.

If you are looking to get what your Bel Air home is currently worth, you will see what it is worth based on comparables that are within the actual closings as they have been recorded with the county assessor. If your home is in Bel Air or Beverly Hills, it, like most homes, will require a working of the comparables on a "hands-on" effort. This is because of the complexity of pricing and evaluating real estate. The online "how much is my home worth" renderings use a computer program (algorithm for you newer types :) ), to say what a particular home is currently worth. These automated valuations do fall short. It does take someone who sells real estate for a living, not someone that only sells 3-6 homes a year, but one that sells a lot of homes to do the best research and provide the most accurate listing price.

SCVnest is my website. Connor T. MacIvor. CALDRE 01238257, I have been a Realtor working representing home buyers and sellers since 1998. I'm sure I have more time on the job and have been working in the trenches of real estate longer than the real estate syndication websites have been around.

I remember when we bought our first home in 1996, two years prior to being becoming a realtor. At a time when I was a full-time LAPD motor cop. The agent we bought our home from really took us for a ride and it was not a pleasant experience. You will always have someone in your corner when you are ready to buy or sell real estate within the Santa Clarita Valley.

The data and information services to help buyers and sellers were only contained within the "mind" of the real estate agent. There was no other data online or online resources at that time. Faxing was something that wasn't trusted much at the time. And online - AOL chat was pretty great, show and Doom 2 was nothing like the video games of today.

Like the "man behind the curtain", like from the wizard of oz - real estate information was protected like the Holy Grail.

Today, those events are no longer. Real Estate and data and information are everywhere. There are websites that have been built around selling "ad space" that convey the best ways to buy real estate. The top agents in the real estate market. The Best Realtors that you can find. The top 10 real estate agents and more.

Those websites, they don't sell a stitch of real estate. They make money in different ways. They sell ad space. They sell leads. They sell the agents on placement and have the agents pay them a monthly fee or a percentage of their commission when they close a deal. Those are the main three ways that real estate websites monetize themselves. Again, they don't sell homes - they are selling information and the information selling business is big!

Then you have the locals. Those agents, like me, or probably not really like me, that are about helping home buyers and sellers make the best real estate decisions possible. It's all about having the complete picture before embarking on a real estate venture. Before buying a home, you need to know 10 critical things. Before selling real estate, you need to know 13 pieces of information to prepare you for that journey.

Besides knowing this information you need a guide. Someone to hold the lantern and run interference for you throughout the process. Always being relied on to give updates, information, responses to new information and communicate in the manner which you find best. It may be being communicated with via email is your only preferred method. Maybe you are a texter, one that likes fast responses to your inquiries. It could be that you are a phone person. You want to be called and to have your calls answered with the information and answers to the questions which you seek.

I learned a long time ago that people want to be served real estate in the best ways possible. They want it as they want it. It may sound very simple, but you would not believe how many local Santa Clarita real estate agents get it wrong. Those clients make their ways to work with me and I'm grateful for it.

When searching for the Top Santa Clarita real estate agents, make sure you are looking at places which house the true local agents and have licenses and CALDRE numbers posted on their homepages. Those websites are the websites of the true local estate agents.

Of course, I'm never arrogant enough to think or say that I am the only Santa Clarita real estate agent who should be used to buy and sell homes. There are a few good real estate agents who are client-centered and approach their client's real estate needs as if they were serving themselves.

You will know then when you do just a small amount of research online. Look past the advertisements, look past the syndication websites, look past the "best and qualitative" real estate websites and then you will find the true local Santa Clarita real estate blogs, the content and the Q and A that is being offered to all of you who want to buy and or sell Santa Clarita real estate.

I'm Connor and I'm HONORed to be your Realtor. Please share and hit me up with questions about your next real estate endeavor. I'll be here in the way in which you desire to communicate with me. Talk soon.