Where do you start if you are unfamiliar with the Santa Clarita Valley? With a site that can tell you about the inner workings and the cities here in.

You need a resource to do this very thing. First - start with Wiki - check out the pages for the Santa Clarita Valley. Then you will want to check out those things the local communities have that you are going to need.

If you eat food - you are going to want to make sure the place where you are moving has grocery stores :) - etc... We are in the process of building a website for this very purpose - not just grocery stores either - we are going to have all of the local businesses, schools, boundaries etc posted on the map of the Santa Clarita Valley and expanding into the other Southern California Cities. Stay tuned for Santa Clarita Valley dot org...

Determine the type of housing you want to rent/purchase. I say Rent - because when relocating, about 50% of those coming to our Santa Clarita Valley want to rent for 6 months to 1 year and view that as their adjustment period. That is sage - but not a great fit for some.

The other half wants to buy after speaking with a local real estate expert in the city they are interested in. If this is the type of person you are - then make sure you schedule our Crash Course on Real Estate specially honed for those that are relocating to our Santa Clarita Valley CA. Click here to learn more about our Crash Course on Santa Clarita CA real estate

After you attend our meeting, or the Crash course of another realtor in the Santa Clarita Valley, it will be time to start looking at homes. Most of the time you are going to view real estate for sale with your trusted realty advisor. However, there may come a time you want to venture out alone to see what homes are being held open in the Santa Clarita Valley.

That is GREAT - just make sure you protect yourselves with Knowledge, this is what I mean. Make sure you read up on the scams of some Open House Agents - and make sure the home you are visiting is truly for sale. You can do this at our Santa Clarita Open House website - by heading to google and searching for Santa Clarita Open Houses or you can Click on this link to visit our Santa Clarita Open Houses website