Open House Flyer for Buyers without Agents print

This is the flyer that we hand out at all of our Open Houses.  It talks about how to keep safe when viewing open houses anywhere.  Not to mention the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  It is rumored that some agents host open houses at homes that are not available for sale.  Other may tell all visitors that they are "required" to sign in when visiting giving up all of their personal information.

"Look at all these rumors, surrounding me every day..." - Remember that song?

Back to it.  There are several things that you may want to know when it comes to visiting open houses.

  • Ask the agent hosting the open house, if they are the actual listing agent. -If they are the listing agent, that means they are in contract with the seller.  If they are not the listing agent, they are working the open house to gather leads and potential new clients.
  • Ask the agent if the home, condo or town-home is truly wide open and available to be purchased. -Some will advertise and sit at open houses in an attempt to gain new business.  Even at homes, condo's and town-homes that are currently in escrow or even ones that are not on the market for sale.
  • Ask the agent at the open house if the home has been placed into the Multiple Listing Service and shows active. -When a property is showing active and has been entered into the Multiple Listing Service - there are rules and codes that have to be abided by that apply to the Real Estate agents involved. (the Listing Agent especially).  This protects you much more than a, not on the market "Open House Marketing Test".
Here is the latest installment of Working out while working.  Today, we went 80 minutes - on a Tread climber TC 5000 - a note book was used to offset the keyboard of the lap top.  2.5 miles per hour - 1500 calories burned and It was trance like.  Without working when working out - I do 30 minutes at 3.2 mph burning 420 calories....  But today, I was able to get a lot done :-)