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Open houses are wonderful. Some of our sellers love us to host them.  Some hate them because they see a majority of those visiting are the neighbors that are just plain being nosy!Finding Open Houses in Santa Clarita

Some dislike them due to there being no filter mechanism with the visitors. We remind our sellers to put everything away and out of sight.  If they have items that are truly valuable - they remove those from the premises.

Open houses can be very productive to build the agent's database. More Sellers and buyers are met at open houses and less than 1.5% of the time is there a buyer, for the specific home being held open, found while it is being hosted open.

Let us say you are a buyer that is working with a Realtor. Great - there is something to be said about commitment, especially when your agent is just as loyal - They will protect your back and keep you from harm.  However, you and yours are driving around during a weekend or days off.  You see the signs start at some of the intersections where you have been looking for a home for sale.

So, you think why not...  You follow the signs and find the home that is being offered at an open house.  If you have chosen to visit our Mother Real estate site at, with our Real Estate open house search that has been optimized for Mobile Devices, you can verify that the "open house" is truly listed on the market for sale.  You can also ensure that the home is "active" in it's status and not off the market or in escrow.  You can also see some of the other details as well.

The agent hosting the open house says, "the only way, Mr. Buyer, for you to get this home is to write an offer through me..." You then retort, "But I already have an agent..."  The real estate agent responds, "that is too bad, the seller has given me special permission to give a GREAT deal to that lucky buyer that writes an offer through me today..."

Get our of ear shot and call your agent. Tell then what just happened and have them call the agent hosting the open house.  This banter is the case of a person that might just throw you under the buy for their Seller.  In fact, let me remind you, they are under contract with the Seller and Not you. Call your agent - let them do their job and call the agent to chastise them and then get an offer written for you.

A few things you might not have known.

  • Open houses don't have to be on the market for sale, they can be opened to "test" the market.
  • Open houses could be in escrow and off the market.
  • Open houses might be ready to close escrow - being used as a last attempt to squeeze an additional lead or two by the agent hosting the open house.
  • Open houses don't have any "police mechanism" to ensure sure they are available. - No one is driving around to enforce a rule that does not exist with reference to homes being hosted as "open houses".
  • By not revealing to the agent hosting the "open house" that you are "represented" by a Realtor, you might be cutting your Real Estate Agent out of being able to represent you...

Unfair Games - Yes.  Is this the case with each and every open house?  No.  Most are on the up and up.  Arm youself with this knowledge before you embark into the "open house" viewing realm.  Verify the open house with from your Mobile phone and within a few momentsYou will know by GPS enabled cellular phones if the home is indeed for sale and ready for your offer to be accepted.

Here are the most recently posted open houses for the Cities that are within the Santa Clarita Valley.

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