Below are four Santa Clarita short sale reports that were given to us by one of our Most Incredible Title Reps.  After reading through each one of these reports I made a command decision to publish them on our Santa Clarita real estate blog.  Santa Clarita real estate search

Buying a Santa Clarita Short Sale

Santa Clarita Foreclosure versus a Short Sale

How long is the wait to buy a Santa Clarita Short Sale

Paris911 Checklist for a Successful Santa Clarita Short Sale

There are a lot of questions that surround the short sale process, the ways to best approach a home that is being sold short and the time frames that are associated with short sales.

Short Sale completion dates vary depending on the amount of loans, liens, and the mindset of the "human" short sale component.  We have run into Banks that are still FAX only in today's times.  I am sure they are that way because they choose to be.  There is something to be said about being able to operate without any "verification" system in place that would hold up in court. This way some of the banks that are fax only can say they did not receive the documents they had requested.

Be careful when getting short sale advice from anyone of the real estate agents that claim that they are Experts to the Short Sale Process.  Some will be telling you the truth, some other's see an opportunity to use your short sale to learn about the process :-)