If you have been wanting to look for residential real estate that is close to Los Angeles, without being in Los Angeles, I'd like to introduce you to Valencia California. The Gem of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Below are all of the current listings that are within the half a million dollar price range. From $500,000.00 to . $599,999.00 you will see at the time of this post there are 34 currently for sale between those price points.

[listings title="What you can buy for 1/2 a million dollars in Valencia California" qs="city=29114&maxprice=599999&minprice=500000&sort=importdate&status=A" propcount="30"]

The Valencia California housing market does change between a seller's market and a buyer's market. It depends on many different factors as to where the housing market in Valencia is currently.

With every single Valencia CA home buyer, we pride our selves in getting to the bottom of each and every real estate and housing market. I give factual information pertaining to the current market condition and the market drive. Plus, I identify the exact market and back up those assessments with factual information.

That is critical when wanting to be "different" from those agents who persist that every single housing market is theirs and everyone should be buying Valencia CA real estate no matter the economic circumstances. I don't agree with that philosophy and agree with the old saying that there is a time for everything.

The Valencia Local layout

Valencia California is in close proximity to the 5 freeway. There are those who may take the 14 freeway to Newhall Avenue in order to access where they live in Valencia - Via Railroad to Magic Mountain, etc. But those are not as common as the persons that utilize the five freeway and access their Valencia homes via the Lyons, McBean, Valencia, Magic Mountain and Newhall Ranch Road Exits.

If you were to want to head to Valencia California from the 5 freeway - from areas to the north of where we are located and from areas to the south of where we are located, upon driving out for your first time, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, and Saugus in comparison with the city of Valencia. So hence this write up on our Santa Clarita real estate blog.

I did not mention the Santa Clarita Valley cities of Castaic and Canyon Country when making my comparison. That is because the City of Castaic is a couple of more exits to the north of Valencia and Canyon Country is located where it's accessed via the 14 freeway, on the other side of the Y that forms the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Santa Clarita Valley is the top part of the Y

See, The Santa Clarita Valley is primarily located in between the top of the Y - the bottom leg is the 5 freeway and it cutting into the City of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley areas.

As you look at my art, you will notice that the 5 freeway forms the left side of the top of the Y and the 14 freeway forms the right side top of the Y.

Valencia, Saugus, and Newhall are located inside. Canyon Country 1/2 in and 1/2 out to the east.

Valencia has it's Westridge on the left side of the Y. Stevenson Ranch is located on the outside of the bottom portion of the Y, to the West.

Castaic is further north of the Y from Valencia and is 1/2 in and 1/2 out with properties on either side of the 5 freeway.

Val Verde is outside of the Top of the Y - just west of Castaic.

Valencia Shopping and Entertainment Centers

We have a few Walmarts. We have a couple of targets throughout the Santa Clarita Valley as well. The main focal point for Valencia California is going to be the Westfield Valencia Mall. There is big business, such as the Princess Cruises HQ.  We have Sunkist Corporate in Valencia plus Six Flags Magic Mountain as part of Valencia California.

Upscale and reasonable restaurants pepper the Valencia mall and surrounding areas, all of which are friendly to the little ones you may have in tow with you.

Valencia School Attraction

I get a few calls a month from those who want to move from areas down south - such as the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles to Valencia CA. Their primary purpose, as they state to me is taking their kids out of private schools and having them attend the public schools in Valencia CA.

There is not a caller who states this to me that has not done their homework. They either have heard from a friend/family member of theirs that knows that save money, or they have done the research themselves.

We do have Blueribbon Schools in many of the Santa Clarita cities, including the city of Valencia.

High ranked and award-winning public schools are more just accepted as being part of the local landscape than they are an exception to the rule.

Some of our new Valencia homeowners have told me they are literally saving thousands of dollars a month by having their children attend public schools after moving to Valencia. Those numbers add up and tallying that savings into a move into a Valencia home, you can get quite a nice one.

My Valencia home buyer methods

I have been selling homes in Valencia since 1998. I have lived in Newhall, Valencia's Bridgeport area and currently live in the Summit of Valencia.

Both my kids have gone to and currently attend Valencia schools.

I buried my wife's dad here and identify the Santa Clarita Valley as my home.

I was an LAPD cop and served those living and communicating to and from Los Angeles.

I became a Realtor in 1998 and have some overlapping time with the full-time police work and being a real estate agent in Valencia.

So hence the Blessing when Paris joined me in real estate on a full-time basis - that was 1999.

Paris + 911 = the Paris911 Team. Which was our original brand outside of our brokerage which was REMAX in the beginning and today is still RE/MAX.

There is something great about working with a GREAT Brokerage. They are the best choice for us as real estate agents but give our home buyers an edge due to their strength and local placement with the numbers of homes listed for sale.

Every home that is sold today has access to all buyers agents no matter the brokerage they are with. With few exceptions are the exclusive listings, which don't sell very well for anywhere near the amount the home seller wants.

To limit access to agents who have buyers on a single home for sale is doing the home seller a true injustice.

When we write offers, we are recognized due to our time working locally in Valencia CA real estate. We have a good reputation and pride myself and my team on being those who stand tall and don't sacrifice their clients over a deal.

I have all of my buyer's pre-approved by a reputable lender. I watch out for my Valencia CA home buyers so they are not taken advantage of by any lender, mine or theirs. I give my Valencia CA home buyers the proper tools to use in order to get their best deal on the loan and interest rate. I also give them the best ways to negotiate that lender fee's down to where they are really getting the best deal possible while at no time sacrificing service.

My Crash course on real estate for my Valencia CA home buyers covers a lot of topics that all buyers want to know about the local markets. Like, where are the foreclosures that are listed for sale? Where are the bank owned homes and those that have issues where they may be purchased at pennies on the dollar?

How about the tax lien homes that are available for lower than market value in Valencia CA?

I discuss those and if the current market allows for those types of sales in Valencia CA, my clients are made aware and we hunt properties such as those. However, I don't pull any punches if those types of properties don't exist in the current market in order to "tease" anyone into making a Valencia CA home buying decision.

I search for homes for my clients in Valencia and who are working with me in Santa Clarita real estate. I have systems in place for my home buyers where they get the newest listings as soon as they hit the Valencia market for sale. My site and real estate systems are connected directly to the Multiple Listing Service in Valencia CA so my clients get the listings at the same time Top Real Estate agents in Valencia get them.

Something else that persists in the Valencia home buyers mind, after they are awakened to their existence are the Mello Roos and special assessments that are attached to particular homes and residential real estate listings in the Santa Clarita and Valencia Areas.

These are extra taxes on top of the regular Los Angeles County Assessments and property taxes of approximately 1.25%.

The home builders, back when Stevenson Ranch was starting to be constructed, thought they may be able to pass along those costs for the infrastructure when new communities are built, to each individual homeowner. They did and the home buyers accepted it.

These Mello roos pay for schools, lighting, streets and other costs associated with a population increase such as is the case when new homes are constructed and sold. Those new homes contain more people in a particular area and that causes schools and other items to have to be expanded and built to allow for the additional people.

In some cases, the Mello Roos amounts are 30-50 dollars a month. In other cases in Valencia CA real estate, the Mello Roos amounts are as if you are paying double taxes - 1.25% + 1.25% = ouch. Before we get too caught in that price - one thing that I will say is the home price is adjusted to allow for those extra taxes, to a point. I am able to show a home that has the extra Mello Roos and compare that with other homes within particular proximity that don't have them. Then the comparisons are made for my Valencia home buyers and they can see a difference, in some cases making it worth it, between the Price per square foot of the home that has the Mello Roos and the one that doesn't.

Valencia homeowners associations - HOA

A discussion about Valencia CA real estate and how we work with home buyers in Valencia would not be complete without me speaking about the HOA's in Valencia.

There are very few areas that don't have a homeowners association connected to properties in Valencia. In fact, they are rare - Here are the current homes in Valencia CA where it states there is no homeowners association. These are currently for sale and without Mello roos, for the most part:

[listings title="Homes for sale without Homeowners associations in Valencia California" qs="city=29114&feature=NHOA&sort=importdate&status=A" propcount="30"]

There aren't many homes in Valencia CA without the homeowner's associations - but if you are looking I listed them per the MLS data and which are currently for sale.

There are other things that our Valencia CA home buyers are told to do. In fact, if anyone is using my team to buy a home, we have this simple instruction to all of our home buyers.

If you are buying a home, you need to do your investigations that we speak about, those involving a home inspection and termite inspection - but the one we want our home buyers to do for sure, and do it quickly after escrow opens, is door knock the neighbors.

Also, call the local law enforcement entity and find out who knows the neighborhood where they are moving to. There may be a deputy assigned to that geographical area where you could ask them if there is anything to be concerned with because you are buying the home at 11223 Anywhere Street in Valencia CA. They won't sugar coat their answer. They will tell you if there is some crazy person where they get called out three times a week on and who beat up one of the neighbors recently.

By door knocking the surrounding Valencia residences, you can be assured that you will identify any issues that you may not be able to deal with if you close the deal and buy the home.

Take everyone with you when doing this Paris911 doorknocking. Everyone that is going to be living in the Valencia home you are buying. Eventually you will find the lady or may or whatever who will tell you everything about things you did not even care to know about. Every neighborhood has one of these types of folks, you just need to knock on a few doors to find them.

I'm Connor and I want to be your Valencia CA home buyers agent. There is so much good intel that I have learned over the past 20 years while representing Valencia CA home sellers and home buyers. I pass that information and knowledge/experience to each and every one of my home buyers I'm working with in Valencia CA real estate.

When you are ready, just reach out to me and I'll take great care of you. BE safe - God speed.