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So hence our Google Custom Search engine that we have placed on every single website we manage.

The reason this is so helpful has to do the sheer numbers of people that are asking questions about real estate.

Local markets - nationwide news - foreclosures - short sale intel - how to prepare my home for sale and much more.

We delve into the news on a daily basis to gather the "right Recon" to share with those of you surfing the "interwebs".

Seller Tip - How to get more money...

Today's Tip for the real estate you are going to sell.

Take a minute, walk out into the street and look at your home.  Then look at the home to the left of it and at the one to the right of it.  Does it blend, is it blah, or does yours need some TLC?

One of the most inexpensive things a Real Estate seller can do to get more money for their home is to change up some of the exterior foliage.

Clean out those areas that have exposed earth.  Add some perennials, even if around existing plants/trees, clean them out and add bark.

I have always heard comments and feedback from our Buyers Agents and Buyers, "That looks nice", or, "Those sellers seem to take good care of their home.."

If you are going to go to the trouble to cover the exposed earth with bark - make it the "red" variety.  This is what we refer to in real estate as a change that makes a home "POP".

Be safe - Search well and please use our Google Custom Search to get the real estate intel you have questions about.

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