I can hear it now - "There is no I in team..."  True - but there is a "me", "tea", "met", "meat", etc....  

Point being, there is a lot you can do with a single word.  But much more if you have many words.  The same rule applies in Real Estate.  There are those real estate agents that are very happy being alone in the Business of Real estate.We are a Real Estate Team for our Clients benefit

They handle a certain amount of sellers and buyers with no desire to expand. (actually the desire may be there, but the "fear" overcomes it)

What we have found, although we started alone in the business of real estate back in 1998, is that we operate better and our clients have more advantages as a result of our business model.  They have more of an "edge" because we operate a real estate team at REMAX.  Time has proven that Paris911 at REMAX offer's better service to their clients when Serving as a tightly knitted and trained real estate team.

When I speak of staff or team, I'm not talking about including vendors in that list.  It is very important to have someone that knows the in's and out's of Escrow, a trusted Title Officer, and a real estate lender that can get things done.  However, I see it as a bit of a stretch to include those "vendors" as direct members of a real estate team.  I am actually talking about employees that are on our direct payroll.  Those employees - Buyers Agents, assistants, licensed assistants, and support staff, have all been screened, interviewed multiple times, and tried by "fire" to "understand our Why..."

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With a Staff of four total - that is 8 eyes on all of the paris911 processes.  With these 4 sets of ears, that is 4 times the chance that one of my team members will hear something that will be of advantage to our sellers or buyers.  With more ears than mouths - I have educated my staff on the value of listening first :-)

Let's say that each member of our team knows 15 people intimately(family-friends).  4X15= a 60 person reach.  Then let's say that each of those people have a very close circle and relations with another 15 each - 15X60=900 people.  All any successful real estate team needs is a few evangelists.  When they do, their sellers sell their listings at the best possible outcome.  Their Real Estate buyers are getting what they want in the way of a "deal".

Plus - the real estate wheel is never unattended.  There is always someone that can answer questions, concerns or comments.  Consider how it would be to work as a single entity within something as complex as being a Real Estate Consultant.  Be Safe and thanks for reading.

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