Do you want to have us interview your real estate team? If you are outside of our Comfort zone, that is what we do with our referral partners.Do you want to have us interview your real estate team? - Representing buyers and sellers.Real Estate interviews by Connor and the Paris911 TeamHave a few topics ready to discuss? Email me a list of what you want to talk about and I will ask questions pertaining to the same.Have you had an interesting "life changing" experience in real estate? We can talk about that too.

Anything you want to speak about - I'm there.  If you are drawing a blank, that's okay, I have pleanty to ask you about yourself and your business that will get youtube views and inquires on Daily Motion.

All you need is SKYPE installed on you computer and a Webcam on that same computer.  I have the software to record and edit our Real Estate interview.

Let me know and thanks for watching.

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