Serving the men and women of the LAPD, one of our Niche'sI worked with this nice lady's "other" half on the LAPD. One thing that I have written about before is how hard it is to prove one's self when having changed career paths, even though it was years ago...

As it remember it being said in the Bible - "No respect is a profit shown in their own country..." - I'm no profit, but I was exceedingly Blessed to meet Debra and help her, my previous partner and their kids get this AV home.

Working with people like Tim and Debra is a true pleasure.  They know what they wanted, and they don't take crap off of anyone.

That is another reason we love working with people that are not going to allow themselves to be led around by some crafty, slick and fast talking sales person.  I love questions, I love people to be inquisitive, I love those that take Real Estate Seriously, as we do.

It was a total pleasure to serve Tim and Debra's real estate needs!!!

Five STAR Review on Yelp 07/15/2013

We had the best experience with Connor and Paris.  I never had to worry about a thing.  They were professional, attentive, informative and always available.  The ONLY reason we were able to find/buy our house was because of Connor, I know for a fact no other agent would have been able to work this deal for us.  Do not hesitate to use them.

(Sorry, I just have to say something about what "Oxana R"  wrote.  First of all, I find it insulting that someone would have the nerve to write such a bad review, when in the end they got what they wanted AND it seems like their agent went above and beyond the duties of an agent.  Second, in my opinion it seems like she is one of those people who would complain about everything and never be happy.  Lastly, it seems to me that maybe her husband is the issue and not the agent.  It seems to me the agent did  a great job.  The husband was the one who the agent worked with the most, and I'm guessing if the "ball was dropped" it was from him, and NOT the agent.  Maybe Oxana R and her husband need to have better communication!).

Again, I will say this, if you use Paris and Connor you will not be disappointed.  In fact, you will be amazed at the level they hold their clients at, and the time and energy they put into you, as a client.  They are very easy to work with and it was a pleasure doing business with them.

-Debra C. - Quartz Hill CA...