Smartphone Apps for Real EstateIf you are a real estate agent that is interested in getting local results, you may want to tune into our Santa Clarita Radio Show's latest interview.

Today marks our show episode 239.  It is chaulked full of intel - but one of the most important things it will tell you or express to you is how to interview a real estate agent.

We posted up an article some time ago on the proper questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent.

It brought a lot of traffic to the blog, and since then we have been asked the very same questions when being interviewed - it was interesting to say the least.

Also, it was hard for me to hide the grin that started when I was asked about production and some of the other questions that I posted up on our Questions to ask a Realtor Resource.

Be safe - Search well and let the REMAX of Valencia CA Team know when you are ready to move.