Believers in the Paris911 Teams approach to real estate representationREMAX Stock - Who'd of Thunk it :)

Well, we are the largest and most successful real estate brokerage in the world.

What a powerful statement, as I write this from my upstairs computer niche in the city of Valencia CA at 0413am.

World... I'm not a "stock market" person.  Meaning, my focus and drive is investing in real estate, when I can(If I don't believe in my product - I cannot honestly sell it...), but primarily, the team that I have built at REMAX of Valencia, provides representation for those real estate sellers and real estate buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley and the Greater Los Angeles Areas - 100%.

That is what we do, but I am considering buying some shares of the REMAX Stock.  After I buy them, I can walk into my office and really start ordering people around :) - jk....  (too many movies about hostile take overs - I suppose buying 5 shares won't give me such authority)

A Stronger than normal September

Our Paris911 Real Estate team at REMAX of Valencia has experienced a stronger than "usual" September, pushing us to over 69 closed escrows, to date, for our team alone.

More sellers coming out as of late, and with inventory building, buyers are starting to get a foot hold in local Santa Clarita real estate ownership.

The investor pull back about 1 month before the start of Fall started to give Buyers hope in our Santa Clarita housing markets.

I'd imagine we will remain smooth and steady throughout the rest of the year in the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley - including those in and around the Greater Los Angeles Areas.

The trick to buyers getting what they want in this market is to work with an agent or team that has the "long field" approach to their real estate business, wanting to always be that clients real estate representative and who has their eyes on the client, not the commission.

Sellers are afforded the same advantages when working with the local Realtor that is not scared to get out there and who is part of the local Real Estate networking scene.

Most of the networking groups will allow any realtor, with a heart beat, access into their group.

However, we are members at a couple of Top Realtor Networking groups, who's membership is completely exclusive, depending on the levels of the members individual and team's level of production.  Santa Clarita real estate networking groups such as these demand that their members are tops in their field and remain such.

Looking at our Team's success overall in this valley, I can only attribute it to one thing - Having some of the best and most loyal real estate clientele in the world.

When one of our clients connects with our Paris911 philosophy, of always putting the client first and us rather loosing a deal than a client, we have clients for life and those clients talk to others in their sphere of influence.

Be safe - It's Friday - I'll throw some audio in this post during our AM Daily show after everyone is awake, if I were to start rambling on at this hour - now only 0442am, I'd get something thrown at me :)