This becoming a much easier sell today. When I train agents I explain to them that people think they can buy a home from anyone. And those same people can have anyone sell their home.

What agents are missing is what "value" they bring to the table? What is your value proposition that separates you from those agents who are paying for leads on the real estate syndication websites?

Why should someone select you from all of the other thousands of real estate agents?

Think client-centered

If you don't have a client, you don't have a business. If no one wants to work with you having you represent them then you are going to have to hang it up and get a different job/career.

If you want to make your best go at a real estate career, you must be all about the client. Helping them formulate their goals. Helping them buy real estate in the smartest way. Protecting them throughout the transaction and giving them the verbiage on your method with eventual outcomes that could happen if you did not do it that way.

Example. Paris and I always want our clients to gather escrow paperwork and not return any until we have a chance to review it. While sending in escrow paperwork does not seem like a sin, it can cause harm to a real estate buyer. Escrow companies are neutral third parties in a California real estate transaction.

They handle the paperwork and keep the file organized. They control various aspects of the real estate transaction and have paperwork that has to be completed, which is standard and which constitutes a complete package. There are entities that review these files from time to time to ensure the escrow company is inline legally with real estate laws.

We want our clients to gather the paperwork so we can have it reviewed before signing. Our reason is that sometimes escrow companies will charge a client for work done on a file where the client decides to cancel because of their own reason or reasons.

A home buyer has rendered money in the form of a deposit in escrow at the beginning of the transaction when their offer was accepted. That deposit is where this "cancellation" fee would be coming from.

While an escrow company has every right to charge, it is not typical. It's something that came onto the real estate market after the fall because there were a lot of cancellations due to the high amount of real estate inventory flooding the market. The buyer would see something better and make the move while in escrow on another property.

If our buyers were to sign that paper, and if they needed to cancel for a "good" reason, they would have the escrow company hold back money and they would not get back their full deposit. That money, if a hardship were to be responsible for them canceling escrow, may be important to them.

This is but one example of something that sets my real estate team apart from the others. There are a ton of small things that we do "differently" that requires more work but keeps our client's safe and not open to attack. (spoken like a true cop right :) )

More Value Adds

Another thing that makes us different and is a value-add when it comes to Selling a person's home is how we organize and photograph the home. We always employ professional photographers and companies that take the best pictures. That is a person's first glimpse and is the reason why they will want to view the home in person and eventually buy it.

We have a particular formula where we don't release a listing until the photographs have been renamed and organized, published and prepared for the main release of the listing onto the market.

My rationale - some of the syndication websites will not pull listing photographs often. If I miss the window, there could be websites that are not showing the photographs or virtual tours. This may be the site where the eventual home buyer contacts us or their agent. If they miss it, they may pass it by and not come back when the photos have been uploaded.

These are small details that eventually become big problems. When representing a home buyer there are methods of operation we have which pressure home sellers to the buyer's advantage. When representing a home seller there are methods of operation that we have which pressure the home buyers to the seller's advantage. Unlike most agent think, it's not a free for all and dual agency is not the friend of any home seller or buyer. (dual agency - when a single agent is representing both the buyer and seller on the same transaction).

I have never been a fan and it makes it very difficult for my real estate business model to be executed.

I'm Connor MacIvor and this is what a value proposition is regarding to my Santa Clarita real estate business. I want it fair and want my clients to be amongst the best protected in the Santa Clarita real estate market.