There is a lot to be said about covert operations with the various three letter acronyms in the world.

I have met some of these "high level" operators during training exercises while with the LAPD and I have to say I was very impressed.

In my police academy Class 10-1990 LAPD, I had classmates which were Annapolis Graduates, Westpoint Graduates, Naval Helo and fixed-wing pilots and an X Secret Service Agent. There were those who had already been police officers too, one from the NYPD.

Our Drill Instructor had never been a D.I. before and had to be shown how to march and call cadence - she was in the right class to learn that for sure. But I digress.

Each of these people did not show off their past experiences. They were careful and made sure they listened well, offered little and adhered to the game plan as the LAPD wanted it.

You never knew who you were dealing with. That goes the same for those people who come into the open houses or enter the new housing tracts. Those agents never know who they are. It should remain that way if you are working with a realtor who happens not to be with you at the time of viewing. By signing your name, or giving up a phone number, name or email address limits your options.

Popping in

We have clients that are out and about, driving around, having exhausted the current listing inventory when viewing with us, who happen to see the open house sign and want to "pop in". That is fine and without issue. You write your name down, you register, you leave your information on an interest card, you tell the "representative" your name verbally, you could be closing a door you would have rather kept open.

New Homes

In the case of new housing, this limits your options greatly. If you give up who you are, for example, a new home center will not allow you to have your very own real estate agent on your side. You are forced to use the agent who is being used by the home builder. That is like having to be defended by the same attorney as the defense. It does not work. No offense to the agent representing the new home builder, most are great. But, there is nothing quite like having your own realtor by your side who is committed to your best interest 100%. Versus originally and continuing on the side of the new home builder, such is the agent at the new construction site.

Open houses -

When signing in or giving up your name at an open house, your real one, you are placing yourself in harms way too. It's not that will limit your right to representation(that's up for argument), but you're about to be spammed. Your email inbox will fill and your phone will ring off of the hook. Even though you say you are "working with someone".

During my life - I have explained to my boys, don't do anything that is going to close doors. No action should be taken or dismissed if it closes the doors of opportunity.

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