How do you search on-line without giving up your personal information?  I suppose the better question is who should you give your personal information to when searching for Santa Clarita real estate on-line?

Any Real Estate agent that see's value within themselves is going to ask for your information before you search on their real estate IDX platforms.  They want to help and I get that.  That way they can introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have while kicking the tires.

New Santa Clarita real estate inventoryJust make sure you are giving up your personal information to a local agent whom you can step into if they get out of hand, versus a dozen agents that bought your personal information from a real estate syndication website.

The new inventory has hit the Santa Clarita NEW Listings website.  We have developed a landing page where you can go to view the Newest Listings hitting the market in our local venue.  All you have to do is head over to the Santa Clarita real estate website and type the word "NEW" into the MacBoX.

Veterans get a break from.... Walmart?  They have guaranteed 100,000 jobs to go to the veterans that have been Honorably discharged from the military.  That is great news because I know most employers have a "cooling off" period when it comes to hiring veterans.  Couple that with an average salary of 25K a year - with the median home prices being around 125K - you have a payment with Principal, taxes and interest at around 1k a month - that makes buying a home for a veteran a definite possibility...

Moving into the local Santa Clarita real estate venues - we are still watching as the local Santa Clarita real estate buyer is running into issues finding that home that is for sale and who will accept their offer.

Financing, the types of, is still an issue with most sellers wanting to have the buyer with a suitcase full of cash.  The next best thing for a seller is a buyer with a 20% down amount in their suitcase.  With FHA - 3.5% down and VA 0 down being at the bottom of the heap.

Why would a seller not want to enter escrow with a VA or FHA buyer when there is a conventional or cash buyer writing an offer?  Because of the appraisal guidelines.  They are much more strict when it comes to VA and FHA.  This means that a real estate seller may have to pony more out of pocket to make the sale happen.  FHA and VA may require "fixing" to happen after the visit by the appraiser.  This could also happen with a conventional 20% down buyer, but is the bar is set much lower.

Be Safe - Hang in there and make sure you are working with a "plugged in" real estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley.  You don't want to miss out on an opportunity because the agent you are working with is running rogue.