One of the most interesting things is when people are searching for real estate and they run into problems.  I love technology as it is applied to search.  You have probably noticed that "Search" is all of the buzz in the world of real estate.  When you log onto google and type in search for real estate - you are hit with some of the major players in the listing syndication game.

This page is very different. It is not about lead generation or monetization, we are local Santa Clarita CA real estate agents. I operate a team where we talk about some of the most prevalent real estate issues. We do this in order to keep our clients safe from harm.  You may have heard that there are some real estate agents that take advantage of folks?  It's True.  However, you have that is all walks of life and in all businesses.  We try to keep the veil lifted off of the real estate channels that are filled with deceit.

Have a look at this page - showing all of the Valencia homes that are for sale between the criteria I had entered. Valencia CA real estate for sale - Zip Codes 91354 and 91355.  The data entered for the price ranges was 250K to 550K - I started with a minimum of three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  I also placed a minimum of 1500 square feet - everything active right now and priced from lowest to highest.