Valencia CA Real Estate

Have you been watching the Valencia CA Real Estate Market.  Between February and March this year, 2011, some news sources started saying, the depression is over and prices are going to start going through the roof again.

I explained that we needed more data and more time when it comes to getting a handle on when we are at a leveling point.  We need a longer snapshot of time to see when we might start to see gains in the Real Estate Prices.

This chart is a comparison for Single Family Residences in Valencia CA.  This is a year of history regarding the Median Sales prices in Valencia CA - so you can get the same idea that we have when looking at real estate for our Clients.

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We have put together several other search options for you - if you want to view your very own Market snapshot when it comes to Values in the Santa Clarita Valley - We have posted several that work within our Real Estate MacBOX:

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