When you are wanting to obtain the True market data for Valencia CA, make sure you are aware of who the source is.  We have hired an independent research company to crunch all of the Valencia CA real estate numbers and to do all of the heavy lifting.

Besides giving you the median home prices, straight from the hip on our Valencia real estate prices page.

We have chosen to break up the real estate data by Quartiles.  25% section of the Valencia real estate market.

  • In the top/first quartile - you will find out the median prices of the most expensive homes on the market for sale.
  • In the Upper/Second quartile - Valencia real estate is showing that is priced over the 50% median level.
  • In the Lower/Third quartile - you will be able to view the real estate median prices and other associated factors for Valencia Single Family Residences that are just above the least expensive or bottom quartile.
  • Bottom/Fourth Quartile - this is reflective of the least expensive homes on the Valencia CA real estate market.

If you are addicted to the best in Valencia CA real estate pricing and market updates - we have a page that will give you the most information and allow you to sign up for our Valencia CA real estate market reports.  They are called the Executive Summaries and are updated every two weeks.  You won't be spammed or given anything you don't desire.  However, you will be updated and made more knowledgeable than most real estate industry experts.

BTW - if you are wanting to view the market data for the other cities that are within the Santa Clarita Valley - we have the other cities that are within the Santa Clarita Valley Prices and Market research posted here.

Valencia real estate market data page