Valencia Real Estate starting at $500,000

What does 1/2 a million dollars get you with regard to real estate in Valencia CA?  Have a look below and see some of the most beautifully constructed and  Valencia CA Real Estate Agentupgraded homes imaginable.

The "How" of Local Real Estate

There is extreme bargaining power, even when it comes to the over .5 Million Dollar Listings in Valencia - Here are a few points to remember when wanting to buy a home at over $500,000 in Valencia CA:

  • Use Local - The Realtor that is local is well known and able to get more offers accepted.
  • Use a top agent - This is critical - Top Agents have the most listings on the market for sale.  It makes sense that other "top agents" might have buyers as well for their listings - They always try to keep everyone in the "sandbox" happy just in case their client wants to make an offer.
  • Use Local Lending and Mortgage Resources - When that offer is scribed by your Local and Top Realtor - the Lender's pre qualification letter that accompanies it will be looked at with a critical eye by the Listing Agent and the Seller if they are on their "game".  When they see "abc lending" and when that lending company is 'unknown' in the Local Real Estate circles - it does not carry the same weight as someone who does a majority of the Local Real Estate Mortgage and Lending Business. "Connor, find me a local real estate lender...(click here)"

It is not as difficult as "planetary alignment", but it pays big in the long run to use a local professional in any Real Estate venue - couple that with a Well known "local lender" - and you will have a "get what you want" team.

The Big real estate search websites

Searching for the Real Estate priced at over 1/2 a million dollars, $500,000 and up.  The Large real estate search websites are not manned and operated by local real estate agents.  They have been built around Lead Generation and Monetization.  Drawing from my experience, after speaking with my clients at length, - I have found that it is hard to shut off the calls and follow up emails when merely asking a simple question on their systems.  The clients information was sold to multiple real estate agents and "the rest", as they say, is history.

Here are the Most Current and Updated Listings

Below is all of the Real Estate for sale in Valencia CA from $500,000 and up.  The accompanying list will show you the newest(fewest days on the market for sale), listings at those price points.  We have also placed a full [spatialmatch_popup id=11 appearance=button]Valencia CA Real Estate full page map over 500k[/spatialmatch_popup] <--here for your viewing pleasure.

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