The Masters at Kinetic Knowledge are at it again - With the functionality of Wordpress it is a wonder we can get anything done.  That is why I am thankful that I have a Full time support team behind my Wordpress Installations. Yes, Wordpress is a free service at is also for the

Wordpress by Kinetic Knowledge

Kinetic Knowledge is da Bomb!!!

most part free - but you need to host your install somewhere.  There are a lot of great and very inexpensive services that will allow you to do this quick and easy. <------linked to Blue Host!

Then why would I pay for someone to do it for me?  Below is one of the reasons that you can see. These plugins would have been way above my head to install on my blog.  Some are easy and some are quirky. Some create conflict with those that I am already using on my systems.  The sheer time it takes to find out which one is causing the issue equates to money, if you have developed a "I am worth "X" amount of dollars an hour".  Which, if you are in business for yourself, you should.  Take that figure and consider the amount of time it will take you to learn the system you are implementing.  Are you familiar with Short Cuts?  You know those special combination of keystrokes that do something the easy way. Like Ctrl C is copy - Ctrl A is highlight all in a field - Control V is paste... Shortcuts were developed by the software builders to make it easier.  I am still learning Short Cuts - But when you watch the developer of a program or someone that makes a living mastering a certain program, you soon find out there is a lot you did not know.  They are able to run circles around most of us that learn by sight - they have learned by the developers themselves.  Talk about Saving Time - That is indeed my point.

Writing quality posts is one thing - but to have to research problems that come up from time to time with Wordpress and the other Content Management Systems would be good if I were a supplier and manager of those platforms.  In our case - We Sell Real Estate.  That is why Kinetic Knowledge is my Back up, full time support and Wordpress Management system.

I remember a long time ago, when I was a little boy, my dad talking to me about Cost versus Value.  He mentioned that cost was a one time thing and Value lasted much longer.

The example he gave me was reference to him buying me a "cheap" bicycle instead of a more expensive Name Brand.  The "cheap" was my dad's consideration of the fact a 7 year old does not need to have an expensive bicycle. The "value" came into play when he spent more money and time maintaining the "cheap/cost" bicycle. After the "Value versus Cost" getting the better of him, he purchased me the name brand bicycle and I literally wore it out with the exception of "routine maintenance", tires and handlebar grips. Long Story Short - if he would have started out spending a little more - he would have spend far less in the end!

That story will always ring true to me when considering anything that is ancillary to my Real Estate Business.  If there are people trained to do it the "right way", it will end up costing me a little more upfront - but the Value carries on forever.