When searching - some only cater to the most expensive listings that are on the market for sale.  In our "methods" we give all of the "price ranges" the same emphasis and focus.  It is important to see everything so better decisions can be made when it comes to purchasing or selling real estate.

We have been blessed to have found the BEST in the way of "Real Estate search engines" for our real estate clientele. How to find the Santa Clarita listings

We have posted the MLS - Multiple Listing Service - so all can have access to it and search to their hearts content.  The data that is being fed into our MLS search engine is timely and uploads hourly directly from the Boards of Realtors.

This is something that those "lead generation" and Real Estate syndication websites cannot claim.  Have you ever been searching for real estate on-line only to have your real estate agent tell you that then listing you sent them is not for sale, sold or otherwise not available?  If you have been searching with the Syndication Sites, it is a common issue.

That is why we found it necessary to keep the ball with the home team side of the field.  Use actual Real Estate agent's websites and platforms when searching for home.  The same goes for the price ranges you find most attractive.

On this page below - we are presenting three of the latest listings located in Valencia CA that are priced over 1 million dollars.  As with all of the Buyers we represent, before any offers are written, a full comparable profile is pulled so the offer made makes sense to all involved parties.

[idx-listings city="Valencia" minprice="1000000" maxprice="25000000" statuses="1" orderby="DateAdded" orderdir="DESC" count="3" showlargerphotos="true"]