If you have been on the hunt to purchase a home, condo or town home in Valencia CA - and you have seemed to be hitting a brick wall - this might be the key resource that will give you what you ultimately want.  All Types of Valencia CA listings have been posted on our Valencia CA Real Estate Page.This is our Pre-Foreclosure System offered byForeclosure Radar- It is not a free system, for us, but it is freely accessed by our clients.  I'll throw out my disclaimer right now, if you have been working with a Real Estate agent please stay loyal and walk away from the computer :-)

The system takes note of Foreclosures that are at the NOD, Notice of Default, stage.  They are recorded via the Court System in Southern California and in what ever county the home is located.

The typical time frame for a NOD filing for the non payment of a mortgage installment is approximately 90 days.  However, the banks can move forward at the very moment of a late payment Due Date.  The banks don't usually file that quickly - because most people are late on their mortgage payment at some point in a 30 year span.

I was going to post the detailed list - but I refrained.  There is a lot of personal homeowner information on the data I generate.  If you want the specific data - make your introduction to me so there is some sort of accountability.  It is the right thing.  I would never hold a person to the fire for giving me their personal info - you will probably never hear from me again if you don't desire it.

Here is the pretty You Tube Video about the Valencia CA Pre-Foreclosure Search system.

Let us know if we can help you.