If you have been searching for Valencia California Condos - you have come to the right place.  Each property on the map below is located in Valencia CA - Each one is considered a Condo and the list below the map will render with the most current Valencia CA Condo listings.

It will matter not who holds the listing that is on either the map or within the list - Every single property that is for sale in Valencia CA that is a Condo will show up.  As was stated, the newest first.  With over 60% of the market in Short Sale - you might be hard pressed to find regular sales or foreclosures - We have those resources and maps as well that we can show you with regard to a more "specific criteria" property search.

The reason for this post was a call from an internet marketing company.  The Sales Lady asked me if I still worked with Real estate in Valencia CA.  She then said they are looking for a single agent that can profit by being sent leads for the 53 people a month that are searching on google for "Valencia California Condos".  I would then pay her to have my website tied to that Google Adwords Account, they create and filter me the leads.  All is not as it appears though... Sounds good to someone that is not familiar with the marketing tactics of most internet marketing companies.

Not too good for me - Let me see what kind of Direct Value I can pass along to the Consumer with this post - Enjoy and let me know if I have hit it or if I am off base.  Be Safe...

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