This end of the month update will cover all of the real estate activity within the Summit of Valencia California. That is a local community of the Santa Clarita Valley and contains single-family homes and townhomes.

The Summit is adjacent the Kohl's and Wholefoods. It's also 1/2 a mile from the Valencia Westfield mall.

It is the home of Valencia Park which is behind the YMCA or the South West corner of Del Monte and Mc Bean Parkway.

There are walking path's a plenty and a fantastic Valencia Summit paseo presentation for those of you who love to get out, meeting and greeting.

The Valencia Summit Breakdown: June 2018

  • As of June 30, 2018 there are a total of 9 active real estate listings that are active and for sale in the Summit of Valencia.
  • Also, my Valencia Summit research shows me there are two properties that are continuing to be advertised as "under contract". In some cases - Under Contract shows up as if the listing has no accepted offer on it. This is also a status that is used when the agent is not feeling super secure in the home buyer.
  • There is also a Chelsea that is currently in pending status. This is the status that is mostly used when the agent is confident with the offer the sellers had signed off on being secure and capable of finishing escrow.
  • 8 of the Valencia Summit listings recorded as sold during the Month of June of 2018.
  • There is Chelsea that is on HOLD - DO NOT SHOW. There are many reasons for this. There may be a dispute that arose between the owner and buyer. Maybe the agent the seller chose fell from grace.
  • 8 Valencia CA Summit homes experienced price reductions. (three of the price reductions happened during closing)
  • 3 Valencia CA Summit homes experienced price increases. Each of these was increased as a result of entering a contract for more money than the listing prices.

The Valencia Summit Activity: May 2018

Look at the difference -

  • One active listing entered the market in May 2018 within the Summit of Valencia

  • One of the Stratford Collection townhomes entered the Under Contract Status

  • Three real estate listings sold in the Valencia Summit during the month of May 2018

  • A single story Chelsea. Expired and did not sell within contractual timeframes

We love the Valencia CA Summit. We live here. I love walking here. I'm confident when you are ready you will make the right choice of agent. One that will best represent you and who knows the Valencia Summit in a vested way!

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