Being comfortable. That is what it comes down to for the Valencia CA and Santa Clarita real estate buyers.

After they first view the Santa Clarita and Valencia CA home they like on-line, then do the "in person" viewing with their Paris911 Team Buyers agent, these are reflective of the comments they tell us.

Air Conditioning - In this Valley - with the heat we get from time to time, A/C is a necessity. In fact, most say you can "for go" the swamp cooler and go directly to Refrigerated Air...

Walk In Closets - Big Go. Most of the buyers we work with find a Walk in Closet a necessity.  We are glad that most of the Santa Clarita Valley, Newer Construction at Least, has at least a walk in closet in the master bedroom.

Cable - TV and Internet Ready Home - This is not usually brought up, unless you are talking about a single place, typically in Master Bedroom's walk in closet, where all of the home's wiring harness can be accessed by the one installing services. Such as Cable, TV, Phone, Internet and Alarm...  Most buyers know that almost all service providers will install those systems with nothing having to have been in place beforehand.

An In Law Suite - Not so much. Unless the "in laws" are hated and have to live with the buyers :) - We find that the percentage of kids supporting their in-laws is increasing within our buyers. Some need homes with the "stand alone casitas" or "additional guest home" on the property.  We can find them, they are just not as common...

Eat in Kitchen - Super Duper - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.  Absolutely, this is something that almost every single Santa Clarita real estate buyer wants. A "hub" for the family. This has proven to be more important to most buyers than having a committed dining room. Something that is even more appealing is to have the eat in kitchen space attached to the family room in a Great Room Fashion.

Extra Storage Space - This one is typically aloof, unless brought up by your Realtor Expert. Those that make a daily activity of showing and selling real estate will be mentioning this. Once it is mentioned to the novice buyer - their eyes typically perk up because they want it, even they did not know to ask for it.

Buyers meetings and crash courses on real estate are very important steps before buying a home. - Make sure your agent, the one you are selecting to represent you, is taking the time to meet with you to explain the entire real estate process so you are shielded from surprises.  A savvy real estate agent will close 8-15 transactions a month and will be best to advise you as to what to watch out for!

Valencia CA and Santa Clarita buyers of real estate