I'm Connor with the Santa Clarita Home Experts. This is our monthly Valencia CA market report which establishes my predictions from the beginning of 2019.

While buyers are still very active in the Santa Clarita Valley buying real estate, the numbers are not as they had been at points during the past few years - (c-below chart - Chart B)

To establish a couple of points before I continue, there are specific differences between the housing markets of the past. For the past 12 years, we have been climbing out of a recession in real estate. Back in late 2006, we observed an all-time high in real estate. Early in 2007, we observed the first of the Sub Prime Banks to falter and fall.

Then we observed the decent in prices, the foreclosures and short sales being the primary real estate listings. All who wanted to buy were wanting to try to call their shot to buy a home or investment at the low point that would be sure to follow.

The Bottom came - The end of 2011 and the 1st quarter of 2012. That was the bottom of most all real estate and housing markets in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. Including most other parts of the country within their very specific real estate economies.

That is when having a crystal ball would have been most sufficient.

The best I can do is offer you 20+ years of housing market research when you get ready to sell a home or buy a home.

Historical successes with clients, buyers and sellers would be critical for me when wanting to search for an agent.

I would never ever trust those real estate websites that charge agents for placement. If there is a website that is getting anything from the agents they are advertising, then they are suspicious.

I see these websites branch out. They may start as helping people find home improvement people, then they see that real estate may afford them more profit. After that happens they say they have done all the work and here is our list of top and the best Santa Clarita - Valencia real estate agents. But, each of those agents has to pay for each of the referrals they receive and to be a member on that website.

We don't get our clients that way. We incorporate Santa Clarita real estate and market research with a cutting edge real estate website that is free of spam. 

I have a radio show where I speak about the local housing market and offer our clients "meet as you want" roll call style briefings about real estate. Whether now is the right time to be buying or selling, of all I back up with market data and factual information.

I do real estate very differently. I rely on referrals and in-person meetings to get my top tier real estate business. I want my clients to not only refer me out but to have had such a better and different experience than ever, they will be screaming about me from the rooftops. (screaming in a good way)

Let me continue about the Santa Clarita real estate market.

Chart A - Number of Active Listings in Valencia CA

This data was pulled for Valencia CA by the Santa Clarita home experts to give you an idea of the current housing trends that we started to observe in Mid-July 2019.

Currently, on November 3, 2019, we are in the same state within the current housing market.

Valencia home experts present local CA real estate data
Chart B - Days to Sell in Valencia CA

One of the points of research is how long it takes to sell real estate, as already spoken about, it's a fantastic gage of the current housing market.

The other Santa Clarita real estate market factors include the current buyer drive and any new home builder developments and their buyer activity.

The current buyer drive in the Santa Clarita Valley is typically tied to local lender activity. While hard to really quantify, just a simple question about loan origination to some of the top local lenders in the SCV can be very insightful.

Origination - That is the term used for a home buyer when they are using "new money" to purchase real estate. The loan is "originated" versus "Refinanced".

Keeping to my original plan, it is clear to see that a refinance is much easier "money" for a lender.

However, because the majority of the lending world is in an origination state, it's best to keep those clients very happy for referrals and other reasons having to be top of mind.

To buy or not to buy at currently

When you find homes and real estate listings on the market during the holidays, you may be able to get a further discount than indicated at first glance at the listing price.

This is where your Santa Clarita Home Expert comes in to play. They should be able to give you the last sold price, which is only for knowledge, but looking at the seller's competition and their need to sell may afford you a discount that you would not have known about unless your Santa Clarita home expert pressed these questions on the seller's agent.

When I am working for a home seller, there is a certain amount of purposeful leeway that I have when talking about the price my sellers will accept. However, it is always discussed in a direct nature. If my sellers allow me to state they will take 10k less than their listing price, then I am able to discuss that with agents with buyers who are interested.

Most of the time, to keep all things fair and even, I don't go anywhere but with the listing price. That makes it easier in the long run when people want to know what was said versus what was agreed to.

When I go with the listing price only, it's easy to recall when the discussion takes between me and my Santa Clarita home expert sellers.

Looking at the market, the numbers as they pertain to the homes and listings currently for sale, then looking at the time of year and seller's motivation will give my Santa Clarita home expert buyers a true advantage.

Selling with the Santa Clarita home experts

There are so many that consider the job of a real estate agent to list their home in the MLS. Ours is much more about getting our home seller's the best buyer, at the highest price, by the best terms for our homeowners.

Without a doubt, the Santa Clarita home experts care about their reputation and never will rush anyone into anything.

Facts are laid out, discussed and pondered by all parties.

Those facts are verifiable as being present in other online sources where their validity can be cross-checked on various levels. 

Selling during the holidays in a tight market where inventory has been limited for the past several months can be a home seller's best decision. 

However, to figure that out a historical approach to the current housing market will have to be dependent on the data the Santa Clarita home experts are able to pan from the Southland Regional Association of realtors database.

Then, as I align the numbers about the housing types available, the types of financing present and how the market has played out during the preceding 6+ months, we get a much clearer picture of the housing market and if our Santa Clarita home sellers are going to be successful in having us sell their home during the holiday season.

When you are ready, we take the "goal-setting phase" as fast as our Santa Clarita home expert clients desire.

Some of our clients want same day contracts, listing and having their home enter the Valencia - Santa Clarita housing market. 

Others don't like it to move that fast. They are on a fact-finding mission to determine if the Santa Clarita home experts are a good fit for them and what moves will determine that.

When you are ready, I'll be here. I will be ready to assist you with everything that is Santa Clarita real estate.

I'm the Santa Clarita home expert and I'm ready to be by your side throughout the buying and home selling process.

Connor with HONOR MacIvor.