Santa Clarita Real Estate

Real Estate data is what drives the knowledge based clientele of the Paris911 Team.  We keep up to date with the Santa Clarita Real Estate market values and want to be able to pass along this information to our clients when they are asking the question, "What are homes selling for", and, "Is the real estate market still declining in Valencia CA?"

We have placed the complete Set of PDF's for the Single Family Residences, tracking back one year, at this Link.

December 5, 2011, one year of History for Valencia SFR's

No other data was entered into the Home Values Engine - Except the selection of Single Family Residences in Valencia CA.  For Bedrooms and Bathrooms, I selected "all" - With regard to price range in Valencia - "all" was selected once again.

The data contained in the PDF is for all listings - as long as they are classified as Single Family Residences.  You can see for the third straight month - Valencia CA Real Estate is on a Declining path.

Typically, Real Estate slows down toward the holiday season.  We do, occasionally, see a rush of sorts, with the agents, lenders, title and escrow officers pushing harder to close deals so they can have their Stats Render within the Year End Numbers.

We will know more when we do January 2012's Real Estate recon for Valencia CA.  Until then, I have a couple of questions to ask of our readers.

  • Is this information useful to you as a home buyer or seller?
  • How would you change the presentation of this data?
  • Would you appreciate a power point presentation explaining each slide in the Market Metrics for Valencia CA?
Be Safe and let us know how we can help you with your Real Estate!