We just ran the intel for the homes, condos and town homes that are currently for sale in Valencia CA.

This is primarily for those of our clients that are more internet savvy than most.

Valencia California real estate updateThey have determined, what we have known for a long time, that there are some real estate websites that are giving bad information with relation to the "actually available" listings that are for sale.

They do this for a couple of reasons.  They want to provide something that will influence some type of buying or selling decision.

And they want to give your personal and private information to more than one local real estate agent or team.  They "want to" because those local agents are paying them handsomely for your information.

Their business model is monetization of your personal and private information.  With that kind of business model, it may be tempting to place listings on their website that are not available for sale, if they are going to get you to give up who you are.

With all of our Santa Clarita real estate and Southern California real estate search systems, we don't play those games.

We will display two types of real estate listings, unless otherwise noted. The Paris911 Team at REMAX search engines only show Active real estate listings and Back Up real estate listings.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Active - real estate listings that are fully available and not in escrow.

BackUp - real estate listings that are in back up position, where the sellers or their agent want additional viewing and additional offers to be written, just in case.

If you want more information about the Active and Back up statutes with regard to Santa Clarita real estate all you have to do is use our real estate MacBoX resources posted at the top of our main Santa Clarita real estate website.

You can type either word into the MaCBoX to see more explanations as to the terms and to see the corresponding real estate listings that are within each category.

You can also enter the words - Pending - Sold. Separately of course. Thanks for reading this on our REMAX Relocation real estate blog. We appreciate you very much and will look forward to you contacting our real estate team HQ'd in the SCV Cities.