Vacation real estate by REMAX Relocation systems

There is only so much coastline.  When you are searching for homes - you will notice that when prices are driving up due to various factors - the homes that are more exclusive, increase more and faster in prices.  That includes the homes that are for sale along any of the Southern California Beaches.  This also increases the investors buying time shares and vacation homes.  Those Vacation homes are also available for lease and rent - the better the "real estate re-sale" market is going, the better the landlords are making out with their Vacation Rentals.

Before getting into the Meat of our Vacation Real Estate Sales, I want to give you the resource so you can see the homes that are available close to the beaches in Southern California.  For all of the homes that are for sale with Ocean Views - click on the "ocean view" photo below.  You will see homes that are directly along the beach.  You will also see other homes that are farther inland.  The "farther inland" homes have Ocean Views also - having been built on tops of mountains and hills.  Click on the "ocean views" card to view everything!

Homes for sale in Los Angeles

Vacation real estate sales in Los Angeles are improving. A recent article from Realty Times has the headline: “Real Estate Outlook: Vacation Sales Surge”. In addition an article from Market Watch touts that more than 80% of vacation home buyers feel that now is a great time to buy vacation homes. Clearly the vacation home sector has been a hard hit area of the nation’s real estate market as secondary purchases in any form took a backseat during the recession. Today’s vacation home buyer is now seeing the value in today’s market conditions.

Priorities for vacation home buyers are value and location. Mortgage rates are still very low, which is adding to affordability levels in desirable vacation destinations. In addition, family is a focus of vacation home buyers, where buyers want to have a home that enables family to be together in a healthy and active manner, enabling memories to be made and traditions developed.

Buying Los Angeles vacation real estate allows owners to recoup some of their costs by using the property as a rental as well. The ability to collect rent is extremely attractive for today’s real estate investor.

Have a look around the Paris911 Resources at Paris911, see if you think we would be the BEST fit for your real estate needs.  After you make your decision, if it is in our favor - reach out to my team and I and we will take GREAT care of you and yours.  My BEST