Do you have a website for your business?  Maybe it's a wordpress site, or maybe it's one of the older versions of a framed website. Either way, you should consider getting up a video on youtube that shows what your website can do to help your clients navigate the Paris911 real estate tipswaters related to your service, industry or product.

It may be that you are a bit shy - this "Screen recording" is the best way to get yourself and your website in front of those interested without having to come onto camera.

You can do this with your voice alone - or if that's too scary - you can do it with a series of screen shots placed into a Google Presentation.  After the presentation is completed - start your screen recorder and then start the Google Presentation.

You will then have a YouTube Video up and running, you will also have a presentation about your website you can share and you will build your internet presence on Google with regard to your business.

Know your keywords - google finding out keywords and read a few articles.  There are also some great YouTube presentations related to the subject of Keyword Research. Then start doing some simple video's walking users through using your website.

I'm Connor MacIvor - We are real estate agents at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA.  We want to help you, let us know when you are ready...