First, let me define a buyers agent in the sense as understood in the Real Estate Industry:

Buyers Agent:  A person or individual that works for a Real Estate team and is assigned to work with that teams Buyers Directly. While a small portion of clientele has it's nexus directly from the buyers agent themselves.  Most of their business comes directly from their Team Leader or Team Owner or Broker/Agent for whom they work under.  Searching for homes, condo's and town-homes that are for sale.  Setting up the showing of and then taking the client, that was passed along to them, to the properties.  Subsequently writing an offer or offers for those that interest the buyer/buyers.

The element that is usually missing from a "Buyers Agent", in the sense as defined above, is seasoning.  All Team Leaders within Real Estate, that are today - still in the Real Estate Business, did not start out operating their business from their office.  They negotiated with the other top producing agents(in person), set up showings, ran the recon, gathered the intel, and gave their opinion about specific properties that their buyers wanted to purchase. They were in the field(community) making connections, showing properties personally and interacting in a "where the rubber meets the road" fashion.

There are a few Buyers Agents that are an exception to the rule as established by my definition - However, if an agent is worth their salt, they are usually working for themselves.

Some Agents develop teams that include buyers agents. Some Agents operate teams that consist of two equal partners that operate as Paris and I do.

The Paris911 Team has gone the route of having Buyers Agents as members of our team in the past.  We found out that "the personal touch" was lost as part of the process with most of our clients.  Also, there was a doubling of the work, we needed to give our personal, in person opinion, when it came to the biggest investment of our client's lives - The Specific Home they wanted to offer on.

Also, when our buyers agents called the "listing agent" to negotiate, haggle, and present an offer - it was like a Private trying to deal with a Seasoned Drill Sergeant.  Paris and I always had to intervene. We were the agents that were known - our buyers agents, typically were not very well known by other Real Estate industry leaders.

Our Clients came to Paris and I for a reason.  They either were referred to us directly, knew us from a previous introduction, found us on-line, etc...  The Fact of the matter is they wanted to work with both Her and I, period.

Final Word about Buyers Agents that work for Real Estate agents or within Teams - There are a lot of good agents out in the world. Some are better than others.  You need to feel comfortable when you hitch your trailer to an agent or team and start the process of making the biggest investment of your life.  We found out in short order that those we had as our Buyers Agents were unable to fill the objective of being Paris and I. Besides my shaved head and Paris long hair - to be without pressure, without hassle, to be compassionate, client centered, amongst all of the other things that buyers of real estate need, we could not be cloned :-)

Today, if we need or choose to work with fewer new clients, in order to keep those we are currently working with, better protected, better informed and happier... - Then so be it!  Today, if we were able to meet an agent that knew their stuff and just wanted to work under a Successful REMAX Real Estate Team - They would be welcomed with open arms. But they will not be fed.  Our Leads, Our clients, our friends and family, our referrals, those are all to remain with Paris and I.  BE Safe...