I am not sure why I have changed so much from being in the trenches with the men and women that serve on a full time basis with the PD of the City of Los Angeles.  I can only assume that when you are not in the fire of "life and death" that one becomes a bit more relaxed.

My focus is on different things now.  Back in the day I was excited over different things, such as when the PD switched from Beretta to Glock - I was so excited, I could not wait to get one.  Reflecting further in the past - When the PD allowed for the carrying of the .45 auto's - that was another fantastic moment in Police History, at least in my mind.

Today, I find myself getting equally excited over the changes in Real Estate as far as technology goes. We, at RE/MAX's Paris911 Team, have dedicated Real Estate search systems.  I have chosen carefully, experimenting with most of the options out in the world for our real estate clients to search.  I have obtained feedback and asked our clients directly, "if you had the power to change how you obtain real estate via search, how would you?".

I then spent a lot of money and time to explore the different real estate systems that are on the market for sale as the "latest in real estate technology".

After Time We have settled on our Core Real Estate Technology components:

These 6 make up our core, Technology based, Real Estate business.  We have other various platforms that we utilize to market our Sellers Listings to more qualified buyers than any other Real Estate Agent or Team - But these 6 are driven by our Clients Need for Accurate and Current Real Estate Information via Searches of all types.

I shutter to think how much time, not to mention the almighty dollars, I have spent exploring most of the real estate technologies to whittle down our Technological Real Estate components to these 6. If you are new to our systems, you will soon find out why these are the best the Technological world has to offer.  They are Fantastic.