Word on the street is we are recovering as a real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.Call the Top Real Estate Team with your questions

That appears to be true. But the loudest voices of discontent are by buyers in the current market that are frustrated with the lacking real estate inventory.

Santa Clarita real estate sales skillsThis is changing each week with new real estate inventory being added to the Santa Clarita real estate markets.

In fact, we set some record numbers (prior recession) numbers, with the amount of new listings hitting the local real estate market in comparison with weeks past.

Sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley cities are starting to gain confidence and learn that their properties, once under water, are right side up again and they can walk away with some greenbacks in their pockets if they were to sell.

So, some of those "sellers" are selling and this is increasing our local inventory.

Investors have been pulling back and getting out of the real estate game for now.  As we have been told by some of our Santa Clarita investors, "this market is becoming too rich for our blood - in fact, the numbers are not penciling out well any longer..."

I suppose the nice thing about the latest investor pull out of the real estate market has to do with the Buyers now being able to start getting their hands on real estate to live in.  Homes they can make part of their families lives for at least the next 4.9 years :)

These are the latest in Santa Clarita housing market reports - Each is for the Single Family Residences within the Santa Clarita City noted in the title.

There is a lot of intel in each of these reports and your access point for future reports is to head to the Top Santa Clarita real estate website and type in the words:  market updates     -, into the MacBoX at the top of the screen.

If you are not "into" Single Family Residences" and condos/town homes are more your thing.  We have posted up our Housing Market Reports for the Santa Clarita condos and town-homes here.

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