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The Santa Clarita experts present the weekend update for real estate before you venture out on Sundays to see what happens to be for sale in the neighborhoods you desire.

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In fact, the best way during the implementation of the MLS changes handed down from on high would be to use a local real estate agent to conduct your home search.

You can find one such local real estate market expert by asking google - Who is the Santa Clarita real estate market, expert?

At the top of this page, I have embedded the radio show related to this most current Santa Clarita real estate update amongst the covid19 rules and the relaxing of the quarantine.

Things seem to be moving, albeit slowly, in the Santa Clarita Valley. I am assured that we will start seeing more and more local businesses open up and the toenails will become less dangerous.

I'm Connor - I hope you enjoy today's real estate show for Santa Clarita Valley. I will be here for you when you are ready.

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Santa Clarita real estate Update COVID19 quarantine relaxes

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PDF file for the conversion of the Santa Clarita real estate update show 2020-151

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (00:01)
Good day everyone. Connor MacGyver, thank you so much for tuning in. Welcome to Santa credos latest episode of our sensically to home experts radio show. I am Connor MCI ever. I've been at this since 1998 well we didn't have the venue for the radio shows back then and the podcasting realm, but we have it now. I've had it for, Oh I don't know, 10 12 years now. Back in 2007, I started blogging like a fiend talking about the real estate market, real estate activity, and over the last 20 plus years becoming that consummate real estate professional that I hope you've been seeking. All right. Some of the resources and updates we're about to close out may in the next couple of days. Uh, we're at May 30th so tomorrow's the 31st of May. Monday is going to be the 1st of June, 2020 we're going to be covering all of the real estate Intel and information that has gone on here with the closing figures of may.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (00:57)
So at that time, I'll be able to compare an entire month of real estate activity with the previous month instead of trying to shave it down because whenever you try to shave it down, and I did a blog post a while back at Santa Quita, home forward slash blog that basically I did it on the 10th I believe, of may, and so I did 10 days in April. Compare those first 10 days as far as closing figures, go to give an idea how [inaudible] 19 is translating into real estate sales being less than they were before. Uh, in order to do that, what I did is I cut down that month into a 10 day period. Then of course, I also reflected back the year before, year before that, back four years of real estate history to kind of give you an idea of what the effect of this virus and the quarantine has had on the Santa create a real estate market because that's where you're interested in and that's where I work.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (01:50)
So it's really close to home for me. That's where I own a business. That's where I own real estate and that's where I've raised a family out here in Santa Clarita Valley. Now, if you're listening to this show, you found us online, you say, you know what? That sounds like a great place. Where is it? It's the home of six flags magic mountain. We are the next city North of Los Angeles. We share the Southern border of Santa Clarita shares, its Southern border with the Northern border of the San Fernando Valley of the city of Los Angeles. So we're right there where, uh, we could stand with one foot in Santa Clarita Valley. We could stand with the other foot in Los Angeles. So that's where we are to talk about real estate in Los Angeles. There's a different dynamic depending on where, if you're looking at the platinum triangle, you got Hamby Hills, you got Bel air, you got Brentwood, you have Beverly Hills.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (02:41)
That's an entirely different market no matter what's going on in the world. It does slow down, but not nearly. The effect is not nearly like it is here in Santa Clarita Valley. So that's why me focusing on this market's very important. If you're interested in LA, great. I do have those resources to reach out to me, but mainly we are focused on the creative Valley, potentially see me in some of the San Fernando depending on where our clients are coming from, so that gives you kind of an update as to where we are. Wrote several articles this last week at Santa Clete, home forward slash blog I did talk about where we're located. You can actually see that map I put up showing exactly where Santa Clarita is versus Los Angeles, San Fernando. If Santa Clarita is your thing, if you think, Hey, that's where I want to be, or you already live here, know this, that is separated into six cities going from one city to another.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (03:37)
You might not even know that you've entered into a different city. So that's kind of how it's packaged and that's six cities typically considered acting awkward, I'll say a little bit further out, but still part of the Santa Clarita Valley. As far as most people are concerned, the main city hubs are going to be casting at Canon country new hall, sagas Steven syringe of Valencia. That's the package that consists of Santa Clarita Valley. We are bordered by freeway 14 on the East side of the Valley on the West side, freeway five they come together just below. We exit our city and then they, that five freeway continues down into the two 10 that's Los Angeles so and so forth. So you kind of get a geographic location to kind of help with what you may be looking for. All right, so the latest blog post that we did and something that I want to talk to everyone about before I get into the real estate news, make sure when you go to Santa Clara to home and you search that live active inventory, you save your search because we don't have mandatory registration on our systems.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (04:43)
People hate it and frankly I think it's cheating too, to be completely honest. When I'm ever, ever, I go onto a website, I want further information. For example, the news websites times. I have ad blockers on spam blockers turned on on my Google Chrome, so if I see an article I want to read and happens to be on the times, they block me out. I don't get access to the article as I want to pay for it or remove my spam filters so I can get hammered to death with ads. Not interested. You're not going to see anything like that at Santa Clarita, home I don't play that game. You get on there, you want to search for whatever you want as long as you want. I don't care. Search all day long for all that matters to me. You're going to be getting the best real estate Intel real estate search results period because I'm directly have those permissions from the multiple listing service and in fact there's a new field out there that coming soon listings, which I'm able to populate and have access to that you're not going to see on the syndication website.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (05:43)
Zillow, Trulia, so know that when you're looking for real estate, you want that local Sarge source torch. No source. Go to Santa Cruz at home exports to see that. So there is no forced registration. After you do a couple searches, you started to see properties populate that looked like they're going to fit your needs. I'll ask you to save it, save your search. It's going to ask for your name. Email. At that point, what's gonna end up happening is me, myself, and I, Connor MacGyver will be notified. That's it. You don't have to worry about me selling, trading or giving away any of your personal information. It's all kept in my protective custody. Why? Why? Because I want to be your real estate agent. That's why I'm in the business. That's why I'm here. That's why I write so much content. That's why I work with so many buyers and sellers cause that's my Yob.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (06:36)
That's what I do for a living. That's the business that I have built since 1998 all right, so looking at this, once you save your search, then immediately a property that fits that criteria, it gets funneled to you. You get that email. At the same time. If I'm conducting that same search, I get the email the same time. All the other agents are getting the email or notified is the same time you will once you save your search. So it's simple. That's reason enough to do it. When you are online do not, I repeat, do not give up who you are, any of your personal information. I'll give you something else.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (07:13)
When you're going into open houses, which we don't have anymore because the quarantine and Colvin at least not yet, but there's been a halt put to those. If you are going into new housing, which they still accept people who wear a mask glove up. So when you go into new housing, people still go in there and there's still people to meet with you. Sign you put your name down. You don't have to sign anything, just give up your name. You've just given up your right to have your own representative by your side. And unfortunately if that part of the process is missed, I can't help you with our rebate program for new housing and that's a bunch. Same thing with open houses. We don't have many more. But again, just be wary who you give up any information. You don't need to give up information when you're going and looking at the new home models. You don't have to. I'm at the end of the day, if you don't do it, what are they going to do? And uh, that'd be fun to watch that one. Play out equal housing. Oh, what a mess. So again, considerate, but be careful who you give your information up to. That includes the online systems. If you don't like me

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (08:26)
and you go to another real estate agents website, you like them, then no problem. They're not going to resell your personal information either because they want your business just like, I want your business. In fact, I'll fight for your business. So that's where that is. All right. So I talked about the advantages. You'll see the coming soon listings, which is a new category. I'm going to get to that in a moment just because I'm able to pull that data to show you exactly what you're missing by frequenting the real estate syndication websites like Zillow and Trulia and those systems. So just for grins, over the last seven days, there've been three listings put in the coming soon category and the agents are able to have an agent rendering in that category for 21 days. So that's kind of a preparatory period preparation period for this property becoming available to be seen by the general public.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (09:22)
Maybe the agents want to build an interest list, things like that. And I'll get to that full information right now. So let me just make a couple of clicks here. I have a saved search of the local and once I get to that page, then we'll be able to dial it in. So here are the results. So here's the Intel now 420 active listings currently on the market in the Santa Clarita Valley, including the cities of acting Oakwood, El se, Canyon country, cast, state, new hall, Stevenson ranch, Saugus and Valencia. So that's active, right? So that's 400 and what I say 420 that's going to include all the condos, all the townhomes, and all the single family residences, both attached and detached. Now 15 other listings on the coming soon category. As soon as agents see this, and this was implemented May 1st I think it had to be completed.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (10:21)
May 5th memory serves the Southland regional, uh, association of the board of realtors, Southland regional association of realtors. That's, that's our boss. In a way. They control if we want to be a member of the realtor organization, that's our price of admission. We have to join that, be in good standing brokers, have to, uh, they have to have, you know, insurance whole nine yards bonded, licensed, uh, top shelf all the way. Uh, they had approved this, that came down from the national association, if I'm not mistaken of realtors, the one that lobby organization DC and all over the country. They started with this and it had to be adopted by that time, I think May 5th of 20, 20 was it. So here it is. That's very recent, too recent for agents to fully implement it and see the worthy miss of it. But I believe that over the next few months we're going to see this category grow and grow and grow.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (11:16)
There's going to be more and more and more listings in it, and it's going to be somebody that's going to be used. So when you're searching on real estate syndication sites, you're gonna miss it. If you're on a local site like Santa Clara home you're not going to miss it. So that's coming soon. That's 15 currently the properties that are currently in escrow in the Santa Cruz Valley are 504 so we have more properties in escrow than we have on the market for sale, even including the coming soon listings. So we're still at, definitely instilled in a sellers market, a buyer's markets, their benefit, and there's a couple of things people say, well, should I buy now? It's a sellers market. I just don't know when the market's going to change and here's what's going to have to happen. We have interest rates. 3.15 I think was that yesterday's announcement on Friday?

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (12:07)
Very low, just above 3% which five decades, 50 years. That hasn't been interest rates haven't been. I, maybe that's the entire time they've been tracking keeping a record, but at least that long and they've never been at that level. So buyers are doing very well, inventory is staying static, we don't have a lot of homes for sale. So it's still a seller's market. Where we would see prices, maybe needing of adjustment would be if we may be doubled the current inventory, I don't think a 10 or 15 or 30% increase is going to change it and that's because right now days on market timeframes are very low, 10 to 20 days, 25 20 to 25 days in Valencia is a typical day on market timeframe from going to active to in escrow. As long as that property is listed in that sweet spot, three plus bedroom, single family residence price between 450 and about 600 grand.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (13:10)
That's that sweet spot. And when it's there, these properties don't even last the 20 to 25 days of the average. They get picked up really quickly. In fact, faster than that. Maybe within a few hours or two or three days, those properties going to escrow. So it's still a seller's market. Buyers are still moving briskly when they see something they want to buy. Best place to see that is going to be on that local site live. We talked about Santa Creta, home now when you get there and the right hand portion of the page, I also did a YouTube video on this so you can look how to search for Santa Cruz to real estate. We should pop up in that category. If not our YouTube channel is S CV moves as CV mov S and on there I talked about that local inventory and the best way to search.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (13:59)
I liked the proximity map feature we have at Santa Clara home experts. I love searching by map. Even if I'm looking out of state at areas I really don't know much about. I do know things to look for. Look for bodies of water. Rivers I look for close to, I like to walk places, so I looked at being close to centers of commerce, malls, restaurants, you know like the downtown Disney type areas, those sorts of things. That's what I look for on a map. Doing my research, I love to look, and then also I can see how the prices differ from area to area and also I can see how other, some areas are more expensive than others and then I can track down the information as to why that may be. Maybe the schools aren't as good, maybe proximity, the freeway isn't as good.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (14:47)
Maybe the historical reputation of the community isn't as good. Maybe there's a higher influx of uh, apartment buildings, maybe section eight, maybe low income housing. Maybe that changes the dynamic in an area. So these are different things I can look for and you can do the very same thing. The most important parts whenever you're ready is to reach out to me, myself or someone else that you trust. If you don't like who I am, then reach out to someone, find that consummate industry professional and they'll be able to help you through the rest of the process. They shouldn't be laying dormant and of course acting when you're ready, not before, but they shouldn't be acting dormant after you spring on them. Yes, I am ready. Connor, what are we going to do next? And then I explain how the process works. If you've been preapproved for a loan, then we'll talk about that.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (15:41)
We'll talk about potential interest rates, where you are, what kind of lender it is. Is it a regular bank or mortgage broker? Do you have a lot of money on an account with them? They might be able to help you even more as an investment group like Schwab or or ING or one of these other places. There's a lot of way to take advantage and if it's not, if you have no access to special financing like the rest of us, if you're just a regular Joe like me and most of everybody else, then you know we'll talk about the best place to get that loan and the questions to ask to ensure that you're not getting a crappy deal, you're getting a good deal. That's important for you because as a buyer of real estate, you're not paying your agent's commission as a buyer of real estate.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (16:24)
You're paying your lender, you're paying your part of title and you're part of escrow. And title and escrow are pretty much set by sales price for the most part. There's not flex as much flex in there on the other side, that lender, I could tell you horror stories about lenders and same thing with agents, right? They all, they all exist in that regard. But as far as buyers go, you're not paying your agent, you're paying your lender though. So it's good that you get a good deal, not only on interest rate bond, the fees, they're going to charge you to give you that loan and there's a lot of junk that can be built into that process. So knowing what to look for is super important. Now there's a lot of great lenders out there, just like there's a lot of great real estate agents out there, and if you don't have anybody in the lending world, but you have another agent that you love but you don't maybe trust them to refer you to a lender, it'd be up not going to be upset.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (17:19)
Hit me up. I'll refer you to one of my best mortgage lenders and they can take great care. At the end of the day, I would rather help somebody get paid nothing than not help somebody at all, so I have that opportunity in my life to be able to play it forward every chance I get and that's what I try to do. I'm Connor MacGyver. I do appreciate you listening to this episode of our real estate radio show here. I headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley. I've been representing buyers and sellers since 1998 I am Santa. Create a home when you get ready, go to my simple system. You can do a search, click on the blog on the top, look for foreclosures. You can look for other information. If you want to see the value of a home better than automated, you can do that as well under the selling tab at the top.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (18:08)
So much information on there and plus you can register for our rebate program for buyers and sellers of homes. This is why I offer that. I don't pay Zillow for your information. I don't pay truly for your information. I don't pay none of those for your information? I don't have a paper click campaign. I don't have Facebook ads. I don't have truly, I don't have Instagram ads. I have Connor and I have Conard writing all about the local Santa crater, real estate market. I have my website, I have my radio show, I have all the videos I put up on YouTube. People find me organically. I have my local places at my local business on Google. People find me organically. They contact me. I would rather pay them back the fee that I would have paid Zillow for their information or corporate relocation company or any of these advertisers out there that promised to put me up at the top part of the website of the PaperClick realm, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Santa Clarita real estate experts Connor Macivor: (19:15)
I would much rather pay my clients that money and it seems to serve them better. When you're buying a house, it's kind of nice to be able to maybe have somebody contribute to the carpet or the paint or the necessary things that are going to be half to have to be done. I have to be paid for at the beginning when a lot of times people sometimes tap themselves out, maxing themselves out on that long when with closing costs and everything else, they got much, not much leftover. I've got her mic Iver hit us up. You'll see it. Santa to home top of the page. You'll see a rebate program. Enter your information. You're registered, you're good to go. I'll reach out to you and when you're ready, I'll help take you to the next level. I'm counting archiver over and out.