When it comes to the "foreclosure search", you will find that most everyone has something to say about their expertise. Paris911.com/CS

Some of the "experts" want you to give up your personal information. This so they can re-sell it to hungry real estate agents. Most that are involved in this type of "misleading" system are the real estate syndication websites. Paris911.com/syndication

How do you find the right home to buy

When you are looking around on-line, if you are not dealing with a local source, a local real estate agent, you may be falling into the trap that has been set by a Real Estate syndication Company - RESC.

Some of the other "experts" are going to want you to use them to buy foreclosures, short sales, and other types of distressed real estate for sale.

This is where we come in. That is how we make our living. However, we build systems to help those of our clients that are interested in the "distressed" real estate inventory, find that inventory. We represent our clients from the beginning to the end of escrow. We are here for our clients before they start looking and long after escrow closes.

Here are two new resources that will be of GREAT assistance for your Distressed and Foreclosure real estate searches. Paris911.com/Foreclosures

First and Foremost - This case study - is labeled case study 2. It was the original "how to search for foreclosures" post. We have revived it and shown that it is how we have solved a problem for our clients with relation to their real estate search. Paris911.com/CS2

Secondly, we have talked about NOD's - a Notice of Default (NOD), is a property that has a mortgage holder. In the case of NOD's - it is a document recorded with the court, putting the court on notice that this home, condo or town-home has not received a payment for at least 30 days - typically 90 days and in some cases longer. Pari911.com/CS4