We have had our Paris911.com Real Estate sign used as a Stock image on the FOX Television Network several times now.

The way we found out?  FACEBOOK.  Our friends - Paris is at about 1K, I am around 2+K- They let us know.

Fox News Real Estate Photo

I am more of a "reader" and "rss" news viewer.  Being able to watch what I want, without any other fluff, makes me happy.  We had one of our friends, A local Commercial Real Estate Agent, Jeff Lui Bring this to our Attention by Posting it on My WALL!!!

Jeff is a friend of Paris' and Mine - he is working at SCV commercial Real Estate Services, here is his FACEBOOK Business Page. It should be commented on, that he and I are in the same field of endeavor - We are both realtors.

There is something very reassuring when another "competitor" would point out this use of our Real Estate signage to us on our FACEBOOK Wall! - It shows integrity and GUTS!  And as  "Gunnery Seargeant Hartman said from "Full Metal Jacket", about Private Joker, "He has Guts, and Guts is enough..."

Here's to you Jeff "GUTS" Lui!!! - Thank you!