It is not as bad as slight of hand, or is it?  How do you truly know the value of your home that you want to list for sale?  Is there a place on line where you can turn that will not trade, sell or monetize your personal information?

I suppose that is where the local Santa Clarita Realtor can come in and help.  We are about representing sellers and buyers of real estate.  It is not our position, if we are speaking of true local real estate agents, to sell or monetize anyone's personal and private information.

Therefore - if you want to know what your home is worth - fill out this form:

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Winning a Santa Clarita Listing by Highest Price

It never ceases to amaze me when I attend listing appointments when I am either last or have come after several other real estate agents.  At that time, the sellers are just about full of all of the "lines" they have been fed.  In fact, when I'm last - I ask, because of the 1000 yard stare on the sellers faces.

Web 2.0 BS enters the frame

When they answer in the affirmative - it's time to let them know that I'm now NOT going to change my approach.  But I promise to save the Web 2.0 BS and Internet Marketing Blitz syndication speech.  It is about hard work. Hard work and being "plugged in" sells real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Having the sellers see where we are positioned when people are searching for real estate on-line, usually gets us the listing.  It is about our Local REMAX Paris911 Brand being in front of more "eyeballs" than other local real estate agents.

Tops of the organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's)

Over 90% of the buying public searches for real estate on-line before they email or call a real estate agent.  If we are in a position, with our sellers listing, to be that first phone call - then we have done our part and our sellers are extremely happy!!!

Enjoy the system.  Reach out to Local Real Estate agents only and don't be duped by the agent that says they can sell your home at the "highest price".  They may be doing it in order to only "win" secure the listing.

Back up their estimates of price with facts - the recently sold listings - within 6 months are best.  Check the dates on the print outs.  Look at the photos and size up your current competition and those that are in pending and backup status.  It's important to be an active part of the real estate sales process.  This also helps keep your Santa Clarita real estate agent in check :)  And we all need that from time to time...

Westridge in Valencia CA real estate seller rep's:

Here are the Latest 5 Westridge homes that we are marketing for Santa Clarita real estate Sellers to our Santa Clarita home buyers.  Each of these properties is currently available for sale and you can click on the text to obtain more information about them.  Feel free to click on the photos of these homes to see more pictures.

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