When it comes to breaking down the local real estate websites in the Santa Clarita Valley, we are proud to present our SCVnest monthly breakdown of visits.

This will provide proof to a Santa Clarita home seller that buyers are using our SCVnest system to search for real estate and homes. In fact, there are a lot of real estate buyers searching for homes on SCVnest. Furthermore, these results are not including the 5512 registered clients which have utilized SCVnest in the past and have become a part of our Santa Clarita real estate group during the time preceding this Google Analytics report.

Top Santa Clarita real estate website channels August 2, 2016 - September 1, 2016

Santa Clarita home buyers will be able to search without having to worry about being spammed. The home buyer, whether first time or veteran, will be able to search for all of the real estate which is currently for sale, including the foreclosure and bank owned inventory. The system, which is SCVnest, is fed directly via the Board of Realtors multiple listing service and is, without a doubt, the best way to search for Santa Clarita real estate and homes.

We have had clients comment on using the other real estate syndication systems to search for real estate. They all have two complaints in common. First - these systems as plagued with listings, which appear to be for sale, which are not. Second - they complain about having their email and phone blow up upon registration or asking a simple question.

SCVnest does not do that. Why? Because you are dealing with me, Connor T. MacIvor. Just me, I'm the only one who sees any of your personal information. I'm in the real estate business to be your consultant and representative. However, not everyone is ready to buy or sell Santa Clarita real estate when they make their first inquiry. I get that and will never harass or cause pain to befall any prospective real estate client.

Here is the breakdown of visits for Santa Clarita Real Estate on SCVnest.

The time frame researched via Google Analytics is the period of time between August 2, 2016 and September 1, 2016.

All of the information can be verified via the Top Santa Clarita real estate agents website analytics. <------- PDF here

During the period of time indicated the following Stats for SCVnest were gathered:

  • 6,598 sessions for home searches and property valuations were conducted on SCVnest.

  • 3,438 people used the system during this time period to access property listings, ask questions, schedule showings and obtain FMV, fair market value, reports for their or other real estate.

  • 3:22 was the average session duration. Equating to a home buyer and seller being able to obtain what they are looking for in real estate, without wasting time.

  • A total of 169 real estate buyers registered to search on SCVnest and each one was taken care of and all of their personal and private information was protected and kept in my very capable custody.

  • During these 30 days - We had two home sellers inquire directly on our Santa Clarita SCVnest Valuation page. We had 14 others contact us via other methods on SCVnest, such as email and phone to find out what their Santa Clarita home is valued at.

You can see that during the channel breakdown portion of today's Santa Clarita real estate article, the following statistics within the 6,598 sessions on our Top SCV Website:

  • E-mail inquiries on SCVnest composed 30.6% of the inquiries

  • Direct Search composed 24.7%

  • Paid Search - which assists our Santa Clarita home sellers, equated to 13.3%

  • Organic Search - those who found out Top Producing SCVnest site on Google, Bing, Yahoo and on our Facebook Page was 12%.

When searching for Santa Clarita real estate - we have the lion's portion of home searchers on our System during the past calendar period coming from:

  • Los Angeles Metro consisted of 5,458 total sessions on SCVnest for this month!

  • Boise ID - in accordance with our relocation business for Santa Clarita real estate, 81 sessions were utilized on SCVnest

  • San Francisco - 81

  • San Diego CA - 57

  • Seattle-Tacoma WA - 39

  • Washington DC - Hagerstown MD - 38

  • New York NY - 36

  • Dallas-Ft. Worth TX - 33

  • Houston TX - 31

I will tell you that our relocation arm of SCVnest is really stellar and assists a lot of happy clientele with all of their relocation needs from all across the United States.

I will keep you posted as to any and all new events within our SCVnest search system so you can share them or keep up to date with the Top Santa Clarita real estate website.

I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be of service to you and yours. Reach out to me directly via the phone number at the top of this page - I'm glad to be at your service for your Santa Clarita real estate and relocation needs.